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Crime and Justice Research Centre

Creating a just world

Our aim is to understand crime. We're finding ways to address challenges that confront citizens, governments and criminal justice systems around the world.

We lead interdisciplinary research in applied criminology, and are home to distinguished international researchers.

Research expertise

Southern criminology

Much of criminology is based on northern hemisphere assumptions and ignores the distinctive contributions of the global south.

This oversight has important implications for south/north relations, as well as global security and justice.

We’re developing a new agenda for the southern hemisphere through our southern criminology research program.

Fresh and diverse perspectives to criminological concepts, theories and methods will help solve regional issues and enrich the global knowledge base.

Gender and violence

Our research investigates how to respond to gendered violence: one of the world’s leading causes of harm and death.

We explore a wide range of perspectives, including:

  • online abuse
  • violence in mining towns
  • international approaches to domestic violence.

Our research provides the basis for evidence-based improvements to law and policy that will prevent violence and improve our response to victims.

Online crime and algorithmic justice

Online crimes affect millions of people around the world. We explore strategies to combat online crimes in a more effective, victim-centred manner.

Our researchers are investigating:

  • cybercrime
  • online fraud
  • algorithmic justice
  • technologically assisted sexual and domestic violence.

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International journal

The International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy is Australia's top-ranking law journal.


Our unique biannual criminology conference bridges global divides and attracts wide international participation.

Our researchers

We are internationally renowned for our studies in cybercrime, gendered violence, queer criminology, death investigation and eco-crime.

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