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Global partners launch international insolvency moot

28th September 2016

The Ian Fletcher International Insolvency Law Moot (the Fletcher Moot) is an exciting initiative to introduce a cross-border insolvency competition to universities around the world.  

Developed by the QUT Faculty of Law, INSOL International and the International Insolvency Institute (III), the Fletcher Moot provides students with the opportunity to display their knowledge of international insolvency law and pit their advocacy skills before panels of prestigious judges. 

A moot competition poses a hypothetical legal problem around a particular area of law. Competing teams form their arguments as the Appellant or Respondent, and present their cases before a judge, or judges, in a simulated court proceeding. Mooting helps students develop their legal research and communications skills and provides valuable real-world experience.

The Fletcher Moot Coordinator, Professor Rosalind Mason from QUT's Commercial and Property Law Research Centre, proposed the idea.

“It’s important for Law students to make connections outside of their home jurisdiction and to have the opportunity to learn about and moot in areas of commercial law. Insolvency is still an area where litigation is important, and as business is global, there will be times where businesses undergo financial stress and require restructuring or insolvency proceedings that go across borders,” she said.

“The Fletcher Moot gives students the opportunity to learn about an interesting and complex area of commercial law, and insolvency and restructuring, where it crosses borders. There are moots in non-commercial areas of international law as well as in arbitration, but the Fletcher Moot will see students ‘litigate’ in an international competition that provides the opportunity to meet other students from all around the world and argue an appeal case in a commercial area.”

To launch the ambitious project, Professor Mason enlisted the help of some of the world’s most highly regarded insolvency experts. Judges, insolvency professionals and academics have come together in a unique collaboration to bring the moot to life.

“We approached the largest international insolvency associations; INSOL International and the International Insolvency Institute. Both associations have members from the judiciary, practice and academia who are leading experts in cross border insolvency and restructuring,” said Professor Mason, who serves as Chair of INSOL International’s Academics’ Group and is an academic member of III.

“This is a project we can all work on together; the collaboration benefits students because academics can assist their universities with coaching, and judges and practitioners can assist by drawing upon their professional insolvency and advocacy expertise.”

Professor Mason hopes the moot will raise the profile of insolvency and restructuring in the university curriculum and increase co-operation between members of global organisations and institutions in mentoring the next generation of lawyers.

The competition’s eponymous scholar and world-renowned insolvency expert, Emeritus Professor Ian Fletcher, recognised for his outstanding achievements in insolvency law, described the moot as a splendid innovation in promoting international interchange and training.

The Fletcher Moot is being held in conjunction with the INSOL 2017 Tenth World Quadrennial Congress in Sydney, culminating in the grand final at the Federal Court of Australia. It will take place immediately prior to the congress on 15 - 17 March 2017.

Proceed to the website for more information.

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