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08 February 2018

The QUT Law School has taken over the organisation of the QUT Family Mediation Service, assisting students in completing their supervised practice hours as they mediate under the supervision of experienced and accredited family dispute resolution practitioners.

The Service, operating at the QUT Health Clinics at Kelvin Grove, undertakes family dispute resolution in the areas of children, property and financial matters.

Separation can be a stressful time, but parents need to make decisions about future arrangements for their children. Separating couples also need to divide their property and organise their financial arrangements.

The Family Mediation Service provides a caring and collaborative environment in which parties are supported to make their own decisions. It can also be used by family members, such as grandparents, to negotiate time with their grandchildren.

The mediator uses a structured negotiation process to keep the discussion focused and ensures that each party has their say.

The QUT Law Faculty is one of the few places in Australia where people can complete their training, including their supervised practice hours, to become accredited family dispute resolution practitioners.

“The Service provides affordable family mediation assistance to parties, as many community mediation services and family courts currently have very long waiting lists,” said Family Mediation Service Co-ordinator and Senior Law Lecturer, Donna Cooper.

In addition to the Professional Mediation Program, the Faculty now offers a short course in Family Mediation Practice where students can complete 20 hours of their supervised practice in the Service, working with real families.   

Visit the QUT Family Mediation Service website for more information.

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QUT’s Family Mediation Service