05 September 2017

Join members of the QUT Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Research Program for a half-day workshop considering how managers and corporations interpret and respond to the climate crisis.

Dr Angela Daly, Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in QUT’s Faculty of Law will chair a panel of speakers to consider the role of business in climate action from a variety of disciplinary perspectives – including law, business, regulation, and the environment.

Professor Christopher Wright from the University of Sydney will give a keynote speech on the ‘Climate Crisis, Corporate Imaginaries and Creative Self-Destruction’, focussing on three core imaginaries that underpin our creative self-destruction: ‘business as usual’, ‘green business’ and ‘natural capitalism’.

Dr Nicole Rogers from the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University will outline how research needs to go beyond scientific investigation and partial regulatory fixes to come to terms with climate change.

Dr Michelle Maloney, Co-Founder and National Convenor, Australian Earth Laws Alliance will discuss the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) created in late 2016 by around 100 individuals and organisations who see the amplification and strengthening of ‘alternative’ economic approaches as an important way to challenge the current system and create a sustainable, livable future.

Professor Matthew Rimmer, the leader of QUT's IP and Innovation Law Research Program will consider the role of trade mark law in respect of green branding, environmental messaging, and greenwashing, the role of consumer regulators in regulating greenwashing, carbon scams, and astroturfing and finally, the role of Internet Domain Names in respect of environmental communication.

Dr Hope Johnson from QUT's Faculty of Law will examine the complex and inter-related causes of structural food insecurity, including the expansion of IP rights disrupting traditional farming practices, the development of  export orientation in food production, rural poverty, land grabs and climate change.

Register your attendance by Monday 4 September 2017.

05 September 2017 - 05 September 2017
1:00pm - 3:00pm
QUT Gardens Point Campus, 2 George Street, Brisbane
Z Block, level 10, Gibson Room
QUT Faculty of Law
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Cover Illustration for 'Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations' by Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg. Artwork, 'Insatiable, by Theodore Bolha and Christopher Davis.


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