04 August 2017

Shadow Attorney General, the Honourable Mark Dreyfus discussed preventative polices and the importance of a multifaceted approach to the threat of terrorism.

Members of Brisbane’s legal and law enforcement community made up the majority of the audience at a public lecture last night.

With threats of terrorism becoming a common occurrence on our television screens it’s not surprising that the lecture attracted VIP guests including Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski, the Hon Justice Andrew Greenwood and Peter Russo MP.

Mark is the Shadow Attorney General, Shadow Minister for National Security and Deputy Manager of Opposition Business (House), an expert in commercial and planning law and was regarded as one of the top defamation lawyers in Victoria.

Although counter-terrorism policy and practice have evolved rapidly over the past decade, Mark discussed the need for broader, preventative polices designed to counter violence extremism at a community-wide level. 

"There is no doubt that countering violent extremism is sensitive, nuanced work. It is important that programs be innovative and adaptive, with administrators ready and able to improve programs in response to experience," said Mark.

"It is with this understanding of the limits and dangers of a purely coercive response to terrorism, in conjunction with the imperative of stopping all terrorist events before they occur, that the importance of proactive policies to counter violent extremism becomes clear," said Mark.

The role of governments in counter violence extremism policies is a delicate one, but it is essential that all democratic nations, including Australia, work to develop a multifaceted approach to the threat of terrorism.

The Law Faculty’s public lectures are a means of promoting debate and understanding of important issues in the Law and the associated Public Policy areas across the legal, academic and broader community of Brisbane.

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The Hon Mark Dreyfus delivers his lecture

(L-R) Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski, Associate Professor Judith McNamara, the Hon Mark Dreyfus, Professor Kerry Carrington and Associate Professor Allan Chay


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