02 June 2017

A lawyer, student and busy mum, Tracey Price talks career goals, work/life balance and backing yourself.

Can you sum up in a sentence what you do?

As a lawyer, I help people work through difficult legal situations and try to give people strategies and skills to move forward.

What made you choose this career?

I reached a point in my life where I needed to balance work and my family and decided to go it on my own so that I could have flexibility in my practice. In some ways it is harder, and yes it is, but in some ways you have more control. 

What is the best part about your job?

When you see someone through their legal problem and they come out the other side and they appreciate that you have helped them through the difficulties they faced. My job helps people better themselves and I help to give them skills for the future. 

law and justice graduate Tracey Price

“The first person I met at QUT was a lecturer who was enlightening and turned around any self-doubt I had,” law and justice graduate Tracey Price


What kind of impact does your role have on the community you work in?

I help a broad range of people in the community, usually those from a difficult background. I try to help them not only through their legal problem but help them to obtain skills to assist them in the future and to build a support network around them.

What are your future goals?

I would like to evolve my business into not just a legal practice but a resource centre for people to come and seek help and guidance not just from a lawyer but other aspects of life. Often there is an element of fear and once a relationship is established I want to build a practice that offers a safe web for my clients. I am lucky enough to have come from a loving background with security and too many people in this world aren’t as lucky and need some positive influence or mentoring in life and to know that someone cares.

What made you choose QUT?

The staff of QUT were wonderful and supportive of my choice to study as a mature age student and being pregnant.  The first person I met at QUT was a lecturer who was enlightening and turned around any self-doubt I had. I found as a new mother and a mature age student I was able to achieve in the same way as my peers who entered university straight out of school.

What did you find enjoy about your experience at QUT?

The teaching staff were exceptional and the Faculty offered wonderful support. It was easy to access resources and the teaching staff showed that they were committed to the students. The course content was interesting and practical.

What helped you to balance postgraduate study with work and life?

The flexibility of online learning as well as the intensive study suited my work and life balance. Being able to attend university for a couple of intensive days of learning was fantastic. 

How did your study help you meet challenges and further your career?

QUT helped me fall in love with studying and learning. In my postgraduate studies I have been able to target study areas to suit my lines of practice and build upon my practical knowledge. My current studies in the area of domestic violence helps me in my practice and it is a course of study targeted to a particular topic.

Did you receive any special assistance to help you with your studies? How did that help?

I had my first child half way through my first year in my undergraduate degree and I had my second child half way through my final year in my undergraduate degree. I commenced my masters after I had my third child. I felt that QUT was supportive of my efforts and I was encouraged despite having huge family commitments. 


Tracey Price is Legal Practice Director / Company Director at Get Real Legals.

She completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Justice in 2006, a Master of Laws in 2015 and is currently studying the Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence.


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