12 April 2017

Dreams become reality as QUT Law Alumnus and past Law Founders’ Scholarship recipient Kasey Solar advances her career as a lawyer at Thynne + Macartney.

While the opportunities available to Kasey during high school differed to her peers, her determination and resilience have seen her lay the foundation for an outstanding career.

“During high school, I had never thought of myself as disadvantaged. It wasn't until I came to Brisbane to study that I realised I had not had the same opportunities as my fellow students,” Kasey said.

Kasey is one of 72 students that have been awarded a Law Founders’ Scholarship since its inception more than 17 years ago.

“Academically, the scholarship took a lot of pressure off my financial concerns and allowed me to focus on studying rather than having to work unmanageable hours,” she said.

“The Scholarship's recognition of my resilience and hard work to achieve my goal of studying law also gave me confidence and comfort when I struggled with the content of the degree at times.”  

Kasey’s interest in the law and social justice was sparked at a young age where she enjoyed playing devil's advocate. As she grew she discovered that the law was an area where she could both help people and keep mentally stimulated at the same time.

“I am still very passionate about equality and equity, but recently I've realized that I didn't give commercial law enough thought to appreciate how mentally challenging and nuanced it can be,” she said.

Residing in Thynne + Macartney’s Agribusiness practice, Kasey spends her days working on contract law, property transactions, leasing, succession and environmental law. 

“I love the challenge of having to apply myself to different areas of the law every day. Given that I am still an early career lawyer, I want to spend this time focusing on bettering my skills, attention to detail, drafting and comprehension,” she said.

We asked Kasey what advice she would give to others studying or considering a career in law.

“Firstly, it’s absolutely vital to have a good support network and to ask others for help, because as students, you are all in the same fight and shouldn't be competing against each other.”

“Secondly, don't close yourself off to people or opportunities. Try to be more gentle and understanding of others and remember, everyone has their own battles to fight,” she said.

Kasey sees herself pursuing a career in commercial law in the future, and we can’t wait to see where her journey takes her.

This year there were five scholarships given to first-year law students experiencing financial hardship, providing them with financial assistance and one-on-one support. Every gift, no matter what size, makes a difference, and brings us closer to being able to provide all law students in need with the opportunity to realise their dreams.

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Kasey Solar, QUT Law Alumnus and Lawyer at Thynne + Macartney


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