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What next for mega trade deals? Australian Senate passes Pacific Trade Deal

17-10-2018 QUT's leading legal expert on the Trans Pacific Partnership says the deal has profound impacts for Australia but warns settlement of cross-border disputes by an international tribunal remains controversial. 

‘Social supply’ of drugs needs legal framework

16-10-2018 The concept of ‘social supply’ of recreational drugs among friends for little or no profit is increasingly being recognised as a separate offence from drug trafficking, says a QUT criminologist.

What’s in 'the man box'? Increased violence & suicidal thoughts

16-10-2018 An Australian first study involving 1000 men aged 18 to 30 has found those who conform to traditional definitions of manhood – dubbed ‘the man box’ – are twice as likely to consider suicide and seven times more likely to be violent towards others.

Pakistan, South Africa have environmental human rights. Why haven’t we?

04-10-2018 Unlike 100 other countries, Australians cannot call government to account for human rights consequences of climate change inaction

Start QUT for free while you’re still at high school

17-09-2018 When Jarod Lam started attending lectures at QUT, he was still heading off to high school every day.

QUT students help the University of the South Pacific deliver access to justice to communities in Vanuatu

05-10-2018 Nine QUT law and justice students recently received QUT International Funding to travel to Vanuatu for two weeks to work with the Legal Clinic students from the Emalus Campus of the University of the South Pacific (USP). Their role was to facilitate legal education workshops for communities in Vanuatu on human rights and climate change.

Assisted Dying and Palliative Care: ACHLR 6th Annual Public Oration

28-09-2018 Professor Luc Deliens joined the QUT Faculty of Law's Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) to deliver a public lecture on assisted dying and palliative care.

QUT Law Students attend Internet Government Forum in Vanuatu

28-09-2018 Five QUT law students recently attended the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Human Rights in Queensland and Beyond

26-09-2018 Professor George Williams, Dean and Anthony Mason Professor of Law at the University of NSW, recently delivered a keynote lecture examining a range of issues relating to human rights in Australia and internationally.

EVENT: 3D Printing - Intellectual Property and Innovation

25-10-2018 Join members of the QUT Faculty of Law's Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Research Program for this half-day event where we will consider the role of 3D printing in intellectual property, education, community participation, and innovation. 


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