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31 March 2020

India’s villages and cities became the classroom during a two-week study tour through Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur earlier this year providing unique professional, personal, and cultural skill development opportunities.

Fourth year Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) student Patrick recently took part in the IndoGenius Program ‘Reimagining India’. The program provides students with a new perspective on India, focusing on the effects of innovation, technology and globalisation. Students are able to witness these effects firsthand through meeting with NGOs, start-ups and multinationals, and visiting India’s rural villages, urban slums and ancient cities.

“The highlight of my trip was the incredible community groups and NGO’s that operate in India. These are places that you would never visit as a tourist, but they resonated with us more than the biggest tourist destinations ever could. One NGO, Jaipur Foot, started by Dr Devendra Raj Mehta, provides free prosthetic limbs to amputees,” said Patrick.

The study tour was action-packed, aiming to condense two years in India into 14 days. Students had the opportunity to interact with over twenty local and international organisations including Google, Zomato, Indian tech start-ups such as Paytm and Infosys, and government agencies, including the Australian High Commission.  

Patrick received a mobility grant from the New Colombo Plan to assist in funding his travels. The New Colombo Plan Mobility Program provides funding to Australian universities to support Australian undergraduate students to participate in semester-based or short-term study, internships and mentorships across the Indo-Pacific region. The value of this is two-fold, where students improve their career prospects by studying in the region and have the opportunity to network with international businesses.

“This program delivered so much through its professional, personal and cultural components. I made connections with professionals and students from countless Australian and Indian universities, government agencies and Indian businesses. Each of these may provide an employment or learning opportunity in the future. This trip also allowed me to embrace a cultural viewpoint that I will be able to reference for the rest of my life,” said Patrick.

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