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08 August 2019

QUT welcomed Professor Frank Pasquale, a Professor of Law at the University of Maryland and a leading international expert in the global algorithmic accountability movement, for a public lecture hosted by the QUT Law Lab: Technology, Regulation and Justice.

Professor Pasquale’s lecture, titled Data-Driven Duties in the Development of Artificial Intelligence, discussed torts that may arise through the deployment of AI and robotics. He focused on one particular type of failing: the use of inaccurate or inappropriate data in training sets used for machine learning.

Inspired by common analogies of algorithms to recipes, Professor Pasquale said, “the degree to which patterns of liability for spoiled or poisonous food may also inform our eventual treatment of inaccurate or inappropriate data in AI systems.”

Professor Frank Pasquale setting the premise for his lecture.
Professor Frank Pasquale setting the premise for his lecture.

Professor Pasquale also discussed how health privacy regulation provides important lessons for assuring the appropriateness and quality of data used in patient care, randomised trials, and observational research.

“The history of both health data and food regulation is instructive: egregious failures not only give rise to tort liability, but also catalyse regulatory commitments to prevent the problems which sparked that liability, which in turn helped create new standards of care.”

Many of those in attendance were interested by Professor Pasquale’s discussion and were engaged by the question and answer session that followed.

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