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Climate activism, eco-emotions and the law: Reimagining legal futures in a time of climate change

05-12-2019 Can climate activism and eco-emotional awareness act as catalysts for the transformative legal changes needed to confront the climate crisis? Is the legal system motivated enough to adequately respond to irreplaceable natural wonders?

W A Lee Equity Lecture 2019 – Estate Planning and Trust Management in a Brave New World

02-12-2019 R. Hugh Magill delivered the 2019 W A Lee Equity Lecture on the topic ‘Estate Planning and Trust Management in a Brave New World: It’s All in the Family…What’s a Family?’

Health law and technology: Where innovation and data interests collide

27-11-2019 Technology giants promise innovation and efficiency in return for your data, so what are they doing with it and how are they using it?

Students gather intel on intelligence careers

18-11-2019 Thinking outside the box: The Careers in Intelligence seminar explored areas of demand, transferrable skills and the various employment opportunities in the field of intelligence.

Insight from the front lines of anti-corruption

27-11-2019 Penultimate Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Justice student Christjan Corias gained insight into national and global responses to corruption when he recently attended the Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference (APSACC) in Melbourne.

New QUT Research Centres

28-11-2019 QUT has announced the establishment of nine University Research Centres representing high-quality and focussed research activity that aligns to the university's key research strengths.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Moral Machines

26-11-2019 If you were on an out of control train speeding towards five people stuck on a railway line, should you pull a lever to switch to the train to another track where there is only one person who is in harm's way?

QUT Blueprint 6: A plan for the university for the real world

26-11-2019 The new Queensland University of Technology strategic plan sets out the university’s priorities for the next five years to provide world-class transformative education and research.

Non-indigenous Australian suicide underestimated

19-11-2019 Suicide statistics of non-Indigenous Australians are underestimated by 15 to 50 per cent, owing partly to coroners being confined to a binary finding of suicide/not suicide, and their desire to spare the dead person’s family the stigma of suicide.

QUT researchers tackling real world problems awarded $2.92M

15-11-2019 Domestic violence and digital technology, youth peace advocacy, sustainable building designs, and reducing death or serious injury caused by drivers using smartphones are some QUT projects awarded funding today by the federal government.


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