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Star Wars turns 40 and it still inspires our real life space junkies

25-05-2017 It was 40 years ago today, on May 25, 1977, that Star Wars first burst onto cinema screens, and from that time the world changed for the better.

Entrepreneurship course gives rise to med-tech startups

22-05-2017 A fashionable pair of earrings for women with gestational diabetes that automatically monitors and helps control blood glucose levels and a device to help brain to bladder function among geriatric patients are among the newest medical innovations being built in Brisbane.

Pepper a peek into the future of social robotics

18-05-2017 It may be petite, but Pepper carries the future of robotics on its narrow shoulders.

Changing face of ageing demands new approach to senior living

18-05-2017 “Baby Boomers are ageing, but they aren’t getting ‘old’” said Professor Laurie Buys, a QUT researcher from the Institute of Future Environments at the recent launch of Senior Living Innovation, a unique partnership between QUT, RSL Care + RDNS, Aveo, Stockland, Ballycara and the IRT Group.

Toy unboxing: it’s a thing; it’s lucrative but sensitive – QUT research

18-05-2017 New research examining the global social media phenomenon of toy unboxing, which is causing concern for parents and other child welfare advocates, concludes it engages children beyond passive consumption but also recommends regulation to address it.

Augment my ride – the future of e-bikes in Queensland

10-05-2017 Cars are not the only electric vehicles set to embrace connected and automated technology, with QUT researchers looking at augmented reality for e-bikes to make them safer and provide a more enjoyable ride.

Road trauma: stop counting the dead

09-05-2017 Australia needs to stop counting the dead and start counting the injured if road safety is to be improved, said QUT Professor Narelle Haworth during the United Nations Global Road Safety Week which runs from May 8-14. 

Preserving Ancient Language in Song with the Yamani project

09-05-2017 Grace Kirk from the Creative Industries Faculty's online magazine, No Walls caught up with QUT lecturer, jazz musician and collaborator, Dr Kristina Kelman who was involved in the Yamani project as music producer, mentor and coach.

Do red Smarties make you happier? ‘Live the trial’ class debunks the myth

08-05-2017 A test to assess the effect of red Smarties on happiness has been used to teach the often “dull” or “boring” concepts of clinical research.

Smart city research pioneer made a fellow of the Australian Computer Society

28-04-2017 Director of the QUT Design Lab, Professor Marcus Foth has received a prestigious honour by being named a fellow of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).


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