Explore Queensland

With its sub-tropical to tropical climate, Queensland is Australia's sunshine state. You will find many of the attractions Australia is famous for, including:

  • the Great Barrier Reef
  • Fraser Island
  • our beaches
  • Indigenous culture
  • amusement parks
  • tropical rainforests
  • the Outback.

Just an hour south of Brisbane is the famous Gold Coast with amazing beaches, theme parks, and shopping. You can also find beautiful, quiet beaches on the Sunshine Coast, just an hour north of Brisbane.

Beyond the border

Brisbane is within easy travel distance of Australia's other major cities and attractions.

Destination Distance Hours of travel
Byron Bay 200km 2.5 hour drive
Sydney 700km 1.5 hour flight
Melbourne 1,400km 2.5 hour flight
Canberra 1,000km 2 hour flight
Uluru 3,000km 6 hour flight


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