Explore Queensland

What makes Queensland great?

With an average of 261 days of sunshine each year, Queensland is Australia's sunshine state.

We have beautiful national parks, hundreds of kilometres of beaches, tropical rainforests, and the Great Barrier Reef. Just an hour south of Brisbane is the famous Gold Coast with amazing beaches, amusement parks, and shopping. Just 1.5 hours north of Brisbane are the beautiful, quiet beaches of the Sunshine Coast.

There are endless things to explore in Queensland.

Explore Australia, and the world

Brisbane is within easy travel distance of Australia's other major cities and attractions, as well as only being a short flight from great international travel destinations like New Zealand, Bali, and South-East Asia.

Destination Travel time
Gold Coast1 hour drive
Sunshine Coast1.5 hour drive
Byron Bay 2.5 hour drive
Sydney 1.5 hour flight
Melbourne 2 hour flight
Uluru 6 hour flight
New Zealand2.5 hour flight


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