Institute of Health and
Biomedical Innovation

Research areas

Behavioural neuroscience and mental health

We have established a solid reputation for research across a range of mental health and wellbeing disciplines.

Bone and joint disorders

Our research is renowned for its quick progress to clinical trials, and is built on a strong foundation of biomechanics, fluid mechanics, and automation and control, and incorporates knowledge in cell biology, surgery, anatomy and physiology.


We combine the activities of multidisciplinary research teams with the aim of improving outcomes for cancer patients.

Child and adolescent health

A focus of the research is on prevention and early intervention, ensuring issues in childhood disease and development are addressed before progressing to chronic disease that may continue and even worsen into adulthood.

Chronic conditions management

Our research involves interdisciplinary teams working collaboratively to support the one in five Australians that the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports are affected by multiple chronic diseases, making research in the area essential for supporting a growing need in the population.

Healthy ageing, dementia and palliative care

Our research in chronic disease, supportive and palliative care has established a strong national and international reputation for high quality and an applied emphasis.

Environmental health

We have established an excellent reputation for environmental health research across a range of areas.

Health services

Our researchers act as catalysts for the collaboration necessary to do good health services research.

Healthy lifestyles

We have a strong focus on research in the role of physical activity and nutrition in the prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases.

Infection and immunity

Our program includes the internationally recognised chlamydia research group, which has multiple research interests covering all aspects of chlamydial disease in humans, wildlife species and livestock.

Injury prevention

Our research covers a broad range of methodologies from basic laboratory based studies to the implementation and evaluation of injury prevention programs.

Molecular medicine

Our research in this area covers tissue repair and regeneration, infectious diseases, hormone-dependent cancer research, and applied microbiology.

Tissue repair and translational physiology

Our staff pursue interdisciplinary research and we collaborate globally with industry partners, universities, hospitals and international research institutes.

Vision and eye

We have an international reputation for excellence in research, with researchers receiving international awards recognising long-standing research excellence in vision improvement.