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Preclinical research services

Supporting your research

From concept to completion, we can support the entire medical devices research and development cycle at one site, including:

  • consultation with leading clinical and scientific experts that can cover study design, ethical approval and budgeting
  • in vivo models designed using surgical and veterinary expertise
  • post-operative care
  • medical imaging including X-ray, clinical computed tomography and micro computed tomography
  • mechanical testing
  • histology and histomorphometry
  • compilation of publications, reports and presentations.


The expertise of our staff and researchers includes:

  • clinical and scientific experts for study design and development
  • preclinical research in mice, rat, rabbits, sheep and pigs
  • surgical training in human donors, pigs and sheep
  • in vivo digital X-ray and fluoroscopy, image analysis and visualisation
  • microCT, CT and MRI of necropsy specimen, image analysis and visualisation
  • biomechanical testing
  • histology, histomorphometry and immunohistochemistry from paraffin and resin-embedded samples
  • preparation of presentations, reports, and publications.

Research models

We specialise in establishing new experimental models, and our existing research models include:

  • osteoporosis (rat)
  • fracture healing (mouse, rat, sheep)
  • critical size bone defect (mouse, rat, sheep)
  • cancellous and cortical bone defects (rat, rabbit, sheep)
  • osteoarthritis (rat, sheep)
  • osteochondral defects (sheep, pigs)
  • biomaterial evaluation (rat, rabbit, sheep)
  • spinal fusion (sheep).


We were awarded GLP accreditation by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia in January 2016.


Medical Engineering Research Facility