Institute of Health and
Biomedical Innovation
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On site facilities

  • Anatomical and surgical skills laboratory for training workshops with six surgical-operating table cadaver workstations.
  • State-of-the-art surgical theatres with anaesthesia and monitoring equipment.
  • Animal housing, including:
    • PC2 small animal holding facilities for rats and mice
    • large animal holding facilities for sheep, pigs and rabbits
    • and off-site holding for long-term agistment suitable for sheep and pigs.
  • A PC2 laboratory with mechanical testing, tissue culture facilities, preparation and procedure rooms.
  • Meeting facilities including a multimedia seminar room (capacity 35 people) and meeting room (capacity 10 people) with video-conferencing capabilities.

Imaging equipment

  • Two X-rays (Image Intensifiers).
  • CT Scanner.
  • Faxitron Cabinet X-ray device.
  • Ultrasound.

Mechanical testing equipment

  • Uniaxial Instron mechanical testing machines with 2kN and 30kN capacity.
  • Biaxial Instron hydraulic mechanical testing machine with 25kN/100Nm capacity.

Off-site facilities

QUT’s Central Analytical Research Facility has histology capabilities at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation for un-/decalcified histology, histomorphometry and immunohistochemistry. MicroCT capabilities are provided through a Scanco microCT 40.


Medical Engineering Research Facility