Institute of Health and
Biomedical Innovation
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IHBI building

Our $70 million, research institute at the Kelvin Grove Urban Village in Brisbane was opened by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie in October 2006.

Our vision is to create an open, collaborative environment fostering excellence in biomedical, health and engineering innovation.

Our building at 60 Musk Avenue in QUT's Kelvin Grove campus has been designed to encourage transdisciplinary, high-impact research, ultimately enabling researchers to solve global health challenges experienced today and into the future.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, designed to encourage collaboration and foster a culture that is engaging and inclusive, includes infrastructure considered the Gold Standard in their respective fields.

These facilities include:

  • open plan certified PC2/BC2 facilities
  • certified PC2/BC2 primary and continuous cell culture rooms
  • facilities designed to PC3/BC3 standards (currently operating at PC2/BC2)
  • shared core and specialised equipment to meet the needs of researchers
  • mechanical testing laboratory and equipment, supported by highly experienced staff for researching a wide range of materials including metals, scaffolds and anatomical samples
  • chemistry laboratory
  • core histology facility supported by a team of highly experienced staff
  • core cell analysis facility supported by highly experienced staff
  • exercise and physiology suite including exercise laboratories and DEXA, Bod Pod and Dynamometer facilities
  • clinical sssessment rooms, including phlebotomy rooms
  • micro cT facilities
  • genomics laboratories for gene analysis, DNA sequences and proteins associated with disease susceptibility
  • a specialised UV radiation laboratory for insights into the effects of sun exposure
  • gait laboratory housing a motion analysis system and floor-mounted force plates to allow for assessment of a person's walking and movement abilities
  • vision laboratories housing specialist optometry equipment for eye health and vision insights
  • incubation space for start-up companies

Room hire

We have rooms available for hire for seminars, workshops, and sponsor and trade shows.

Room hire