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IHBI Advances is the quarterly newsletter from the QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI). Each issue highlights research outcomes and profiles researchers as they seek better health in our lifetime through multidisciplinary research innovation.

May 2020: Edition 41

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Research bid to optimise new scoliosis treatment in children

27-04-2020 Idiopathic scoliosis is a deformity of the spine which typically develops in adolescence. For some, the best possible treatment is surgery. A new technique aims to use the patient’s own growth to correct the deformity while preserving post-operative spine motion through use of a flexible implant.

Implant design to accelerate recovery of limb use

27-04-2020 People with fractures of the thighbone - or the distal femur - have better recovery when they move soon after surgery. But movement that prevents joint stiffness must be balanced with precautions to avoid overloading.

Developing new materials to overcome age-related disease

27-04-2020 3D printing will ultimately enable the fabrication of human tissue and implants to restore function when age-related disease causes damage. Researchers first need to develop new bio-inks that can be manipulated during 3D printing to ensure specific implant properties.

Personalised approach to aid facial fracture treatment

27-04-2020 People with facial injuries involving eye socket damage routinely require cheekbone implants, often made of silicone. IHBI researchers are working on a 3D-printed replacement that overcomes the risk of rupture or misalignment.

Business acumen a key aspect in advancing tissue engineering

27-04-2020 Translation is key to ensuring that research goes from a scientific pursuit in a laboratory to an impact in the community, producing medical devices, products and services for better diagnosis and treatment - and ultimately improving lives.

Bid to target treatment for cancer prevalent in the young

27-04-2020 Osteosarcoma (OS) is a common type of bone cancer, often diagnosed in teenagers or young adults and typically requiring both chemotherapy and surgery. IHBI researchers are developing a model to better target the treatment, reduce side effects and improve a patient's quality of life.


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