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IHBI Advances is the quarterly newsletter from the QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI). Each issue highlights research outcomes and profiles researchers as they seek better health in our lifetime through multidisciplinary research innovation.

December 2020: Edition 43

In this issue:

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Multi-faceted research collaboration brings precision medicine a step closer

23-12-2020 Personalised medicine involves medical decisions and treatments being tailored to patients based on a predicted response or risk of disease. The model is benefiting from the growth of new diagnostic and informatics approaches providing understanding of the molecular basis of disease.

Simple gel shown to help prevent radiotherapy burns

23-12-2020 Research ensures an evidence base for healthcare, providing clinicians with the impetus to introduce new processes, techniques or devices. IHBI research provides an evidence base for treating burns from radiation therapy, a painful side effect among head and neck cancer patients.

Laboratory models to aid in fast breast cancer decision-making

23-12-2020 Breast cancer is not one disease with a single treatment approach. Uncertainty remains about the optimum treatment for a significant number of patients. IHBI researchers are using new models in the laboratory that mimic affected tissue, with the aim of informing clinical decision-making.

Tumour’s treatment response a focus of immunotherapy study

23-12-2020 Immunotherapy is increasingly being used in prevention and treatment, stimulating an immune response to enable the body to fight disease, particularly cancer. IHBI researchers are using spatial mapping to determine whether individul patients will benefit from immunotherapy.

DNA risk regions the target for cancer research team

23-12-2020 Human DNA consists of 3 billion base pairs of modules, with chemicals that store instructions to direct cell activity. Identifying DNA regions associated with disease risk is a large undertaking, but IHBI researchers lead a collaboration that has shortlisted specific cancer risk regions.

International bid to improve prostate cancer outcomes

23-12-2020 A radical prostatectomy is one option commonly recommended for the management of men with high-risk prostate cancer. IHBI researchers are part of a large international clinical  trial that aims to determine if blocking androgen before and after the surgery may improve patient outcomes.


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