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IHBI Advances is the quarterly newsletter from the QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI). Each issue highlights research outcomes and profiles researchers as they seek better health in our lifetime through multidisciplinary research innovation.

December 2019: Edition 40

In this issue:

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Focus on orthopaedics combining research, training and collaboration

27-11-2019 Joints in the human body fulfil complicated tasks and their replacement requires comprehensive understanding of biomechanical functions, anatomy and surgical techniques. IHBI researchers are part of an initiative encompassing research, training and collaboration with surgeons and patients.

Supporting GPs to assess liver disease and avoid hospital stays

27-11-2019 Chronic conditions play a major role in the more than 11 million hospital admissions in Australia each year. Multiple admissions can be stressful and inconvenient for patients and their families and costly for the health system.

Understanding how to use plasma in cancer treatment

27-11-2019 Chemotherapy is the most common cancer treatment, but it often involves side effects and is less likely to be successful when a cancer builds resistance. IHBI researchers are investigating the use of plasma to improve efficacy of cancer treatments.

Unhealthy truckies at greater risk of chronic diseases

27-11-2019 With more than 200 000 truck drivers in Australia, there are multiple studies about their safety but few about their health. IHBI researchers are investigating ways to improve the nutrition and physical activity of drivers.

Technology mimicking human tissue at the heart of research

27-11-2019 Surgical intervention is the predominant treatment for moderate to severe valvular heart disease. A present heart valve prosthetic has a limited lifespan and does not encourage the body to regenerate the damaged area of the heart.

Collaboration has focus on common, but forgotten, cancer

27-11-2019 Bladder cancer is common, deadly and the most expensive cancer to treat, from diagnosis to death. Yet it has historically been under-represented in health policy, research and funding. IHBI researchers are collaborating widely to improve multiple aspects of the disease.


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