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IHBI Advances is the quarterly newsletter from the QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI). Each issue highlights research outcomes and profiles researchers as they seek better health in our lifetime through multidisciplinary research innovation.

December 2018 Edition 35

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IHBI Advances Edition 35 - Executive Director's Report

26-11-2018 Medical research has little impact without the involvement of clinical and industry partners. IHBI researchers collaborate widely to ensure their inventions and findings from the laboratory can be integrated into healthcare and decisionmaking, without difficulty or prohibitive costs.

Patient care study has ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach

26-11-2018 Medical rescue is the prevailing model of care for deteriorating patients at Australian hospitals. IHBI researchers are developing an intervention they believe will reduce preventable complications, empower nurses and introduce greater efficiencies.

Developing 3D environment to better understand disease

27-11-2018 Artificial tissue is used in laboratories around the world to better understand diseases, including their cell biology, progression and in the case of cancer, metastasis. IHBI research is at the core of technology that enables development of better tissue for biomedical research and personalised medicine.

Next-generation therapeutics for antibiotic-resistant bacteria

27-11-2018 Many common bacterial infections that used to be treatable with antibiotics are now resistant to available medicines, making them virtually untreatable and lethal. An IHBI researcher is working on therapeutics that use a ‘disarm, not kill’ approach and show promise in tackling infections.

Cloud-based software to help tackle disease-related malnutrition

27-11-2018 Disease-related malnutrition is a growing problem in Australian healthcare, resulting in increased hospital admissions, longer patient stays, earlier readmission and increased costs. IHBI researchers are exploring this in collaborating with new health technology start-up company Nutrition Cloud.

Push for non-invasive diagnosis for cancers and heart failure

27-11-2018 Oral and oropharyngeal cancers are difficult to detect at an early stage of development. When diagnosed, the cancer is generally at an aggressive stage and a patient’s prognosis worsens. IHBI researches aim to use saliva to diagnose the cancers earlier.

Driver behaviour a focus in test of connected cars technology

27-11-2018 Driver distraction due to mobile phone use is recognised as one of the most important factors in road safety worldwide, contributing to an average of 10 per cent of traffic fatalities. IHBI researchers are investigating technologies with the greatest potential to bring the incidence down.


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