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Blood pressure drug could help problem drinkers: QUT research

11-12-2019 A drug used to treat high blood pressure may alleviate anxiety induced by long-term heavy alcohol use, and also halt the damage such drinking can cause to the brain’s ability to grow new cells, QUT research shows.

Study prompts call for disaster-specific pharmacy legislation

05-12-2019 Pharmacists caught up in the Australian bushfire crisis are being hampered from providing timely and effective treatment to displaced people due to outdated laws, according to QUT researchers.

QUT researchers awarded $9.4 million for real world research projects

04-12-2019 QUT projects and researchers have received a total of $9.4 million in the latest rounds of Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding.

Researchers develop ‘clever drugs for slimy bugs’ in fight against staph infections

02-12-2019 Eradicating deadly staph using a new breed of antibiotics has revealed promising results in research released by QUT, to help overcome one of the biggest modern medical challenges.

New QUT Centre for Data Science and Queen's Wharf Brisbane study

28-11-2019 QUT has announced a $7.5 million Centre for Data Science.

New QUT Research Centres

28-11-2019 QUT has announced the establishment of nine University Research Centres representing high-quality and focussed research activity that aligns to the university's key research strengths.

QUT Blueprint 6: A plan for the university for the real world

26-11-2019 The new Queensland University of Technology strategic plan sets out the university’s priorities for the next five years to provide world-class transformative education and research.

Bali temperatures predict dengue cases in Australia

21-11-2019 Dengue fever cases in Australia can be predicted four months ahead by noting temperatures and rainfall in Bali, giving public health authorities time to take proactive measures to prevent a local outbreak, a QUT study has found.

QUT researchers tackling real world problems awarded $2.92M

15-11-2019 Domestic violence and digital technology, youth peace advocacy, sustainable building designs, and reducing death or serious injury caused by drivers using smartphones are some QUT projects awarded funding today by the federal government.

Bridge Program pitch winners to head to the US

15-11-2019 The four winners of The Bridge Program pitch competition who will head to the United States to further their knowledge of how to bring new medicines to patients were announced at the program’s 2019 Symposium held in Melbourne.


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