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Big tick for hospital at home but Queenslanders slow on the uptake

22-02-2017 Treating acutely ill patients at home, rather than in hospital, could slash treatment costs by up to 50 per cent and reduce mortality rates by 20 per cent, research has found.

Can a robot help you lose weight?: Join QUT study to find out

21-02-2017 Would you be more comfortable talking to a robot about your bad eating habits than a real person?

Carbs during workouts help immune system recovery

16-02-2017 Eating carbohydrates during intense exercise helps to minimise exercise-induced immune disturbances and can aid the body’s recovery, QUT research has found.

New Year’s resolutions: have yours gone up in smoke?

16-02-2017 It’s more than halfway through February and for many those hopeful New Year’s resolutions to make some positive changes have fallen by the wayside. A QUT neuroscientist may have the answer to sticking with them long-term.

Melanoma research breakthrough gives hope to treatment

07-02-2017 A QUT-driven project has identified the way in which melanoma cells spread, opening up new pathways to treatment via drugs to ‘turn off’ the invasive gene.

High-speed running increase puts hamstrings at risk

06-02-2017 AFL players who quickly increase the amount they run at high-speed are at greater risk of hamstring injuries, QUT research has found.

Why some drivers slow down when using mobile phones: QUT research

30-01-2017 With mobile phone distracted driving a growing road safety issue, a QUT study reveals why some drivers slow down when using a mobile phone but others don’t.

How were you affected? QUT study into lasting impact of 2011 Qld floods

30-01-2017 The 2010-2011 Queensland floods had a devastating impact which resulted in 78 per cent of the state being declared a disaster zone and the death of 35 people.

Brief break will be a life-saver on the roads

20-01-2017 Drivers have been warned taking breaks from behind the wheel is essential to save lives, ahead of a busy weekend on Queensland roads.

Could regular exercise help women battling advanced breast cancer?

11-01-2017 QUT researchers are looking for Brisbane women who have been diagnosed with stage 2 (or above) breast cancer to take part in a study into the safety, feasibility and benefits of a regular exercise program.


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