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Social robots set for role in mental health treatment

12-06-2019 Robots that can autonomously communicate with people could be playing a greater role in mental health treatments in encouraging people to discuss sensitive topics such as depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and eating disorders.

Innovations in wound healing ~QUT Real Health Public Lecture

20-07-2019 Got questions? Our experts have answers.IHBI’s Real Health free public lecture will focus on chronic wounds and treatment, diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers and the science of wound healing.  

QUT researcher Judith Clements a Queensland Great

10-06-2019 Leading Australian biomedical cancer researcher and QUT Adjunct Distinguished Professor Judith Clements AC has been honoured as a Queensland Great as part of the state’s annual Queensland Day celebrations.

‘Early warning’ for hard to heal wounds

05-06-2019 Some 500,000 Australians live with the daily burden of a wound that does not heal, but a risk assessment tool that provides an ‘early warning’ of which venous leg ulcer wounds need specialised treatment has been developed by QUT’s Dr Christina Parker.

Evacuate now: research on flood & fire warnings wins award

30-05-2019 QUT researchers have received a national award for improving life-saving public warnings about bushfires, floods and other devastating natural hazards.

QUT Obesity & Eating Disorders Symposium @ IHBI

25-06-2019 QUT Obesity & Eating Disorders Symposium will explore the genetic, environmental and bio-psychological factors influencing eating behaviours.This free program will benefit researchers, health professionals and clinicians and features a series of internationally recognised researchers.

Drivers ready to embrace phone restriction apps – if they can still talk

20-05-2019 Almost 70 per cent of drivers would be willing to install smartphone apps that block texting and browsing according to new QUT research – but only if they can still do hands-free calls and listen to Bluetooth music.

QUT research puts concussion under the genetic microscope

20-05-2019 The world’s first study on whether genetic variations are involved in the post-traumatic headache experienced by some people following concussion is underway at QUT, funded by a $250,000 US Department of Defence grant.

Head and neck cancers’ saliva test

20-05-2019 Saliva is close to becoming the next big thing in non-invasive diagnostics for a variety of conditions from heart failure to head and neck cancers, says Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera from QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation.

QUT Giving Day aims for a Waste-Free World

10-05-2019 Imagine using an app to track your plastic use; or robotic bins sorting your rubbish; or an invention able to separate polyester and cotton for recycling. All are close to reality under a QUT Waste-Free World project.


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