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Stopping the dengue threat

16-11-2017 Improved disease surveillance at Australian ports and borders is needed to prevent the growing threat of dengue infection spreading across the country, with a new QUT study identifying potential risk factors linked to dengue outbreaks beyond climatic conditions.

Can automated cars and humans safely co-exist?

10-11-2017 A project aiming to accelerate the safe and successful deployment of automated vehicles by having them understand human intent is among 22 QUT-led projects to receive Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project Grants announced today. 

QUT professor honoured with Women in Research Award

10-11-2017 QUT Professor Monika Janda has received the 2017 Women in Research Award in the Scopus Researcher of the Year Awards.

QUT News & Events Wrap – November 6 edition

06-11-2017 Welcome to QUT’s weekly round-up of news and events.  For regular updates, follow us on Twitter (@QUTmedia) and Facebook (@QUTBrisbane).  To subscribe to this wrap, please email

GC600 spectators the first to trial sun safe app

20-10-2017 Burning rubber not skin is the key message QUT sun safe researchers want Gold Coast 600 spectators to remember this weekend (October 20-22), with the release of a new app specifically designed for the Gold Coast.

Futile hospital treatments cost millions

17-10-2017 Non-beneficial treatment of patients who are at the end of their life costs Australia approximately $153.1 million a year, a study published in the British Medical Journal Open today has found.

Testing centre to shine light on sun safe promises

12-10-2017 Technologies and products that promise to improve sun protection will be put to the test at a new research centre being established in Brisbane by QUT in partnership with clinical trial company Q-Pharm.

Lost in translation: When humour kills the message

12-10-2017 Getting a laugh may not help get the road safety message across, with a new QUT study showing humorous driver sleepiness advertisements can get lost in translation.

What is a safe following distance?

11-10-2017 Confusion over what is a “safe following distance” has QUT road safety researchers calling for a standardised definition to prevent tailgating.

Drivers are less cautious at railway crossings

11-10-2017 Drivers aren’t as cautious approaching a railway level crossing compared to a road intersection despite the greater risk of fatality if a collision occurs, a new QUT study has found.


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