Institute of Health and
Biomedical Innovation


25 June 2018

IHBI’s Real Health public seminar on July 21 focused on dementia and ageing. IHBI researchers discussed genetics, challenges, treatment options and the prospects of halting or slowing dementia and age-associated diseases in the future.

Presenters included Professor Elizabeth Beattie, who explained her research in understanding and managing wandering in long-term care; and a focus on quality of life for people with dementia.

Professor Graham Kerr detailed his work with older people, with an emphasis on posture, balance and gait; the link between neurological disease and falls; and Parkinson's disease.

IHBI Executive Director Professor Lyn Griffiths shared what her research team is learning about Alzheimer’s disease from clinical trials they conduct, each taking a slightly different approach to unlocking the debilitating condition.

A video of the event will shortly be made available, along with the PowerPoint presentations used on the day. Please bookmark this page and visit us again in early August.

Professor Elizabeth Beattie, Professor Lyn Griffith and Professor Graham Kerr


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