Our research creates real-world solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Our research centres

Our research centres foster high-quality and focused research activity that aligns to QUT’s key research strengths. We investigate areas such as agriculture, bioproducts, clean energy, waste technologies and environmental sustainability.

Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy

The Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy delivers profitable, sustainable and resilient agricultural and bioeconomy technologies and systems. 

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Centre for Clean Energy Technologies and Practices

The Centre for Clean Energy Technologies and Practices develops innovative and sustainable clean energy generation, distribution and usage solutions for Australia and beyond.

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Centre for a Waste-Free World

The Centre for a Waste-Free World develops technologies and processes to innovate the social, environmental and economic role of waste and transform it into valuable circular commodities.

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Centre for the Environment

The Centre for the Environment brings research, government, industry and community together to create real-world solutions to the most pressing environmental challenges.

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Our experts

Our researchers' extensive expertise enables real-world results for our partners in industry, community and government.

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Our researchers work on projects across our natural, built and digital environments, with a focus on technology and innovation that makes our world more sustainable, secure and resilient.

Industrial biotechnology, bioproducts and biorefining

Our research is focused on developing technologies to convert agricultural and forestry by-products into enhanced animal feeds, biochemicals and biofuels.

Animal production and health

We provide knowledge, research excellence, expertise and opportunities for research collaboration in all areas relating to animal production and the livestock industry.

Future farming

We bring technology, society and biology together and enable the use of data to manage agricultural production systems.

Sustainable agroecosystems

We provide integrated studies of soils, plants and the atmosphere for profitable and environmentally sustainable food and fibre production through innovative management of carbon, nutrients and water.

Reef research

Our research aims for a more thorough understanding the Great Barrier Reef, the types of challenges it faces, and how to effectively protect and restore it to ensure its future.

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