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Manufacturing with advanced materials


Our research tackles the grand economic, social and environmental challenges facing the world this century. We are addressing real-world challenges by investigating advanced materials - an enabling platform that can solve a wide range of problems for industry and society by introducing new technologies, techniques and systems.

Real-world trends

Past societies depended on stone, bronze or iron. Today, silicon and polymers are supporting and transforming the world.

Materials science and engineering are integrating concepts and techniques from many disciplines, including chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, information sciences and mathematics.

Computer modelling is combining with highly specialised lab equipment to allow precise design of advanced materials for specific purposes.

Grand challenges

The grand challenges the world must address in relation to materials are:

  • minimising the social and environmental impacts of material sourcing, manufacturing, use, recycling and disposal
  • developing high-performance materials with diverse applications across many industries in the digital age
  • catalysing new industries in Australia that capitalise on the country’s expertise in materials characterisation and processing.

Our research strategy


Our research is designed to drive these changes in the real world:

  • more efficient use of resources by global industry
  • materials have more environmentally sustainable life cycles
  • industry shares the benefits of new materials with communities.


We are investigating how to:

  • enhance the performance of materials by changing their electrical, magnetic, thermal and energy-conversion properties
  • produce higher quality coatings and films to protect or deliver devices, sensors and surfaces
  • create new industries through materials design, demonstrating feasible industrial materials production and innovative processing and analytical techniques.

Research centres and facilities

We use several specialist research facilities, including:


We draw on the broad expertise of QUT's six faculties, assembling teams of researchers from different disciplines to work on large-scale projects relating to our natural, built and virtual environments.

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