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Infrastructure for sustainable communities


Our research tackles the grand economic, social and environmental challenges facing the world this century. Through this research theme, we are addressing real-world challenges in the infrastructure sector.

Real-world trends

The world's population is growing, ageing and urbanising. Global demand for energy, water and resources is rising while finite natural resources are declining.

Communities expect that public and private infrastructure - from energy and ICT networks to transport systems and buildings - will be integrated, sustainable and tailored to community needs.

New ways of designing, building and managing infrastructure are emerging in the transition from the industrial to the digital age.

Grand challenges

The grand challenges the world must address in the infrastructure sector are:

  • creating infrastructure that enriches communities while being sustainable, resilient and responsive to climate change
  • developing technology and systems that improve the planning, design and operation of infrastructure
  • developing policy frameworks, funding systems and business models that deliver sustainable, community-centred infrastructure.

Our research strategy


Our research is designed to drive these changes in the real world:

  • infrastructure is resilient and provides net benefits to the environment.
  • infrastructure supports connected and enriched communities.
  • infrastructure models are financially sustainable.


We are investigating how to:

  • optimise the construction, performance and security of physical and virtual infrastructure by evaluating how these systems interact, and how future systems should be built and managed
  • better manage major community infrastructure by developing new methods to understand system behaviour and response
  • enable faster and safer service delivery, to meet the growing demands of connected consumers, businesses and governments, by developing better ICT network infrastructure.

Research facilities

We use several specialist research facilities, including:


We draw on the broad expertise of QUT's six faculties, assembling teams of researchers from different disciplines to work on large-scale projects relating to our natural, built and virtual environments.

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Senior Living Innovation

Senior Living Innovation is a major research collaboration between QUT and four leading industry partners that aims to reconceptualise the experience of ageing in Australia with a focus on the senior living industry.

Transport research

QUT is conducting ground-breaking transport research, with transdisciplinary expertise across science and engineering, health, business and road safety. We work with national and international industry and government partners to solve real world transport problems. Our researchers specialise in public transport planning and operations, intelligent transport systems, traffic engineering, transport planning, road safety, and transport infrastructure asset management. QUT is also home to the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q).

Partnership enquiries

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