Institute for Future

Research themes and enabling platforms

Research themes

Our research themes are linked to specific societal challenges and sectors of the economy.

Growing the global bioeconomy

We are focused on developing agricultural processes and products that are better for consumers, the environment and the economy.

Managing for resilient landscapes

We are studying how our urban, agricultural and natural landscapes function, and how best to manage them to increase their resilience and adaptability.

Infrastructure for sustainable communities

We are investigating how to design, operate and manage infrastructure that enriches communities while being sustainable, resilient and responsive to climate change.

Embracing the digital age

We are investigating how Australia can identify and capitalise on the commercial and social potential of emerging digital technologies.

Enabling platforms

Our enabling platforms are technologies, techniques and systems that can solve a wide range of problems for industry and society.


Our research aims to transform data collection, modelling, analytics and decision-making to address real-world challenges in the built, natural and virtual environment.

Transforming innovation systems

We are working to help Australia focus on research and development projects that matter, and develop, evaluate and adopt innovations more easily.

Manufacturing with advanced materials

We are focused on discovering and designing more efficient and sustainable materials for diverse applications.


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