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Humans of IFE

IFE brings together hundreds of researchers from across QUT to collaborate on large-scale projects. Our researchers are focused on pushing boundaries and developing new ideas through transdisciplinary thinking, while professional and technical staff bring expertise and specialist knowledge to facilitate and support the research process. Humans of IFE profiles their stories, revealing what they’re working on, why it’s important and what inspires them about their field.

Wendy Miller

Other Built Environment and Design, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Other Physical Sciences
"...humans can't exist without the natural environment and the sooner we realise that and start working with, rather than against the environment, the better solutions we can come up with."

Kate Woolaston

"...conservation outcomes can be affected by changing the way people feel about wildlife through governance regimes."

Anthony O'Mullane

"My research inspiration comes from the urgent need to improve our environment, developing clean energy to replace fossil fuels as quickly as possible."

Laura Navone

Synthetic Biology - Industrial Biotechnology
"With Synthetic Biology we have the potential to create solutions in previously unimaginable ways."

Heng-Ho Wong

Principal Technologist (Biorefining)
"A sustainable biorefining industry can be established to gradually replace the petroleum-based industry as we work towards a carbon-neutral future."

Sach Jayasinghe

Environmental Science and Management
"All contemporary research, especially in medical, science and engineering disciplines, relies on foundational research infrastructure."

Darryn Rackemann

"Reducing dependence on fossil fuels in an economic and environmentally friendly manner will help the sustainability of our country."

Oakes Holland

Polar marine ecology
"I am currently assessing how vulnerable Australia's Antarctic marine ecosystems are to invasive species as a result of climate change."

Oakes Holland

Senior Lecturer in Digital Economy
"We are building a foundation of knowledge on trust and responsibility in the digital age because of our evolving ways of perceiving and interacting with each other and with technology."

Catherine Leigh

Freshwater science, quantitative ecology and ecological applications
"I hope that future generations will know, experience and enjoy healthy, biodiverse rivers..."

Allan James

Software engineering, interactive visualisation, virtual reality
"I believe that virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies (XR) will bring about new and improved methods of working and collaboration..."

Crystal Cooper

Parasitology and Microbiology
"I'm constantly inspired by our cutting-edge equipment and the new samples that I analyse."

Axel Bruns

Media & Communication
"Digital and social media are what their users make of them – and my work examines those user practices, and the consequences they have."

Victoria Coyne

"Seeing the technology improve year after year, with genomics becoming more and more affordable makes people’s hopes for their investigations become real possibilities."

Ozgur Dedehayir

Technology and innovation management
"I am studying the genesis of innovation ecosystems, focusing on the mechanisms, processes, roles, and epochs of change."

Michael Jones

Synchrotron Imaging and Spectroscopy
"I am constantly excited by the many fields of research I am able to work across. I may be working on geology one day, and superconductors the next..."

Henny Cathey

Geoscience with specialty in volcanology and igneous petrology, as well as microanalysis
"I’m investigating minerals from ‘super-eruptions’ along the Yellowstone hotspot track for clues about how such volcanic systems operate."

Marcus Yates

Natural resource management
"I get a sense of gratification in contributing towards sustaining the ecological integrity of our natural environment and minimising the human impact."