About the Centre for the Environment

Our planet is facing an environmental crisis

The global population, predicted to hit nine billion by 2050, will place increasing pressure on Earth’s finite resources. These pressures, already exacerbated by climate change, are being felt in our natural and built environments and production landscapes. The way we live has resulted in mass conversions of native ecosystems to food production, industrial, urban, and peri-urban landscapes. Species extinctions and invasions, and the loss of essential ecosystem services, such as primary productivity, nutrient cycling and hydrological flows are common globally.

Real-world solutions

The Centre for the Environment brings together QUT researchers from across disciplines and faculties with partners from government, industry and communities to co-design research that addresses the most pressing environmental challenges. Importantly, and in recognition of the importance of human-centred approaches in creating pathways to change, this centre supports and promotes solutions that embrace human dimensions, governance and decision-making understandings in terrestrial and marine landscapes as opportunities for change.


The centre uses and develops a wide range of QUT's world-class facilities including the Research Engineering Facility, Central Analytical Research Facility and Samford Ecological Research Facility.

Meet our leadership team

Our research

The centre’s four research programs build on QUT’s strengths in environmental research from the Institute for Future Environments, Science and Engineering Faculty, Faculty of Law, Business School, Creative Industry Faculty and Faculty of Health.

These programs align with QUT’s goals to provide transformative research and education in key priority areas.

  • Environment and sustainability
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Digital transformation and technology
  • Aspiration and inclusivity

Our programs also align with four UN Sustainability goals.

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