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We bring research, government, industry and community together to create real-world solutions to the most pressing environmental challenges.

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The Centre for the Environment brings together researchers from across disciplines with partners from government, industry and communities to support and promote real-world solutions for environmental challenges. Our research actively embraces the human dimensions of governance and decision-making as opportunities for change.

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What we do

Climate change, the growing global population and humankind's manipulation of our landscapes have had a massive impact on our environment. How do we better manage this impact on environmental systems? We aim to deliver ground-breaking fundamental and applied research that conserves and restores environmental systems and ensures the sustainability of natural resources in our natural, production and built landscapes.

Practical solutions

We provide practical solutions in response to the complex environmental challenges of our natural, production and built landscapes.

Community minded

We embrace the human dimensions of governance and decision-making as opportunities for change.

Collaborative approach

Our approach is responsive, agile and effective. We co-design our research with our partners.

Our programs

The centre’s four research programs build on QUT’s strengths in environmental research from the Institute for Future Environments, Science and Engineering Faculty, Faculty of Law, Business School, Creative Industry Faculty and Faculty of Health.

We develop automated data collection devices, systems and innovative techniques to collect, integrate, analyse, and visualise ecological data.

We are developing hard and soft environmental monitoring and remediation solutions across a range of marine and terrestrial landscapes.

We bring together experts in mathematical ecology, conservation biology and ecological science to improve environmental management at local, regional and national scales.

We catalyse collaboration between diverse qualitative, quantitative and design-focused social sciences to improve environmental policy, law and planning.

Research facilities

Supported by the Institute for Future Environments, the Centre for the Environment has access to a diverse range of world-class facilities to support research, teaching and learning and enable real-world results.

Central Analytical Research Facility

The Central Analytical Research Facility provides specialist equipment and expert scientists to help you carry out analytical research.

Research Engineering Facility

The Research Engineering Facility provides cutting-edge research engineering and technology services including drones, aviation, robotics and autonomous systems.

Samford Ecological Research Facility

The Samford Ecological Research Facility is a living laboratory for ecological research and educational experiences for researchers, students and visitors.


Centre Director

Ecology, ecological applications, plant biology

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