Centre for Clean Energy Technologies and Practices

We develop innovative and sustainable solutions for clean energy generation, distribution and use in Australia and beyond.

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The Centre for Clean Energy Technologies and Practices brings together QUT’s research expertise and commitment to drive integrated solutions addressing the technical, social and practical dimensions of a cleaner energy future.

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What we do

Innovative energy solutions

We're helping Australia develop crucial sectors of the economy and bring innovative clean energy solutions to consumers at scales from households to networks.

Collaborative networks

The centre collaborates with national and international partners to integrate technologies and processes within industry.

Technical expertise

We take important breakthroughs in solar and hydrogen power, biofuels, batteries and energy efficiency from the lab to field sites.

Our programs

Our research programs focus on clean energy production, systems and efficiency. These programs combine QUT’s extensive technical expertise in decarbonisation technologies with research capabilities focusing on changes in operational systems, management practices and regulatory environments to drive the affordable adoption of energy saving practices and clean energy technologies.

Renewable energy sources

We're discovering the latest in renewable energy, including solar, water, wastewater, biomass and biofuels.

Energy storage

Batteries, hydrogen and liquefaction: we're researching how best to store energy.

Materials, modelling and design

Our researchers are studying the design, analysis, transport and storage of clean energy materials.

Pilot plants and scale-up

We have successful pilot plants and can assist with micro-grids, instrumentation and manufacturing processes.

Systems integration

We’re developing improved methods and processes to design, produce and deploy renewable energy systems.

Sector development

We investigate new markets and value chains, and their drivers, barriers and policies.

Distribution and connectivity

We study local and regional gas and electricity networks, and their transport and use.

We look at smart household options for clean energy, incorporating improved product manufacture and customer technologies.

Energy conversion

Our work involves investigating electrolysers, fuel cells, motors, turbines, generators and waste heat integration.

We research, characterise and apply the fundamental properties of new generation high temperature superconducting (HTS) material compounds for our partners in power systems, maritime and land based propulsion, microwave communications systems and environmental sensing.

Research facilities

Supported by the Institute for Future Environments, the Centre for Clean Energy Technologies and Practices has access to a wide range of diverse cutting-edge facilities to support research, teaching and learning and achieve real-world impact.

Central Analytical Research Facility

The Central Analytical Research Facility provides specialist equipment and expert scientists to help you carry out analytical research.

Research Engineering Facility

The Research Engineering Facility provides cutting-edge research engineering and technology services including drones, aviation, robotics and autonomous systems.

Biorefining Research Facility

The Biorefining Research Facility develops innovative products and processes to build a sustainable and profitable biorefining industry in Australia.

Banyo Pilot Plant

The Banyo Pilot Plant enables scaled-up research in traditional engineering, industrial biotechnology and scientific applications, testing and validation.

Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant

The Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant enables research and development in industrial biotechnology and biomass processing, technologies and practices.


Professor Ian Mackinnon

Centre Director

Macromolecular and materials chemistry, physical chemistry, earth sciences
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Associate Professor Dezso Sera

Deputy Centre Director

Renewable energies, photovoltaic systems
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Centre for Clean Energy Technologies and Practices

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Gardens Point
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Centre for Clean Energy Technologies and Practices
Institute for Future Environments
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