Future leaders

The Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy’s Future Leaders Program provides support and opportunities for early and midcareer researchers in a collaborative environment.

We develop opportunities for researchers to improve their work, career and visibility by creating an interface between program leaders and researchers from all career stages (early and midcareer researchers, senior researchers, research assistants and students).

Our program supports the transition of early and mid-career researchers to leadership roles, and provides opportunities for internal and external collaboration with real-world impact. We promote quality science projects and success in national and international grant schemes.

Real-world potential

We support the career development of potential future leaders by nurturing collaborative connections through the following strategies.

  • Initiating open communication and interaction between researchers within the Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy and the leadership group
  • Providing opportunities for early and mid-career researchers to engage with external collaborators
  • Strengthening centre outputs by promoting and supporting teamwork
  • Providing a support network for early and mid-career researchers’ career development
  • Promoting women in STEMM leadership

Program team

Dr Lalehvash Moghaddam

Program Leader

Dr Julia Bally

Program Leader

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