Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy

We deliver profitable, sustainable and resilient agricultural and bioeconomy technologies and systems.

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The Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy brings together QUT’s expertise in agriculture and bioeconomy research to help feed the world sustainably and develop cleaner, greener bioproducts.

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What we do

How can we help farmers grow more food using less resources? How do we make our agricultural systems more resistant to climate change? Can agricultural waste be processed into valuable, renewable products? These are some of the research questions being investigated by the Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy.

Better crops for all

We’re helping to feed the world by developing more resilient and nutritious tropical crops such as bananas, sugarcane, chickpeas, mungbeans, pigeonpeas, rice, sweet sorghum and tropical fruits for Australia, Africa and South-East Asia.

Creating a greener future

Our research is discovering innovative ways to manufacture renewable high-value fuels, chemicals, animal feeds and other bioproducts from agricultural wastes.

Sustainable agriculture

We’re generating knowledge and solutions to make Australia’s farms more sustainable and profitable, improving productivity and biodiversity through better management of crops, soil, water and energy.

Our programs

Our research programs bring together an inclusive, multidisciplinary and outwardly-focused group of researchers with the capacity to deliver real-world solutions for our planet, our partners and our community.

We specialise in the integrated study of soils, plants and the atmosphere for profitable and environmentally sustainable food and fibre production.

We are a world leader in banana biotechnology working to develop bananas with disease resistance and improved nutrition.

We sequence, edit and study the genomes and epigenomes of a wide range of plant species.

We develop agricultural and industrial processes and products that are better for consumers, the environment and the economy.

We develop agricultural commodities, by-products and waste streams into value-added products.

Our future leaders program provides collaborative support and opportunities for early and mid-career researchers in agriculture and the bioeconomy.

We conduct research in food security, waste and governance, and develop technologies and processes for sustainable food systems.

Research facilities

Supported by the Institute for Future Environments, the Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy has access to a wide range of world-class research facilities to support research, teaching and learning and enable real-world results.

Central Analytical Research Facility

The Central Analytical Research Facility provides specialist equipment and expert scientists to help you carry out analytical research.

Biorefining Research Facility

The Biorefining Research Facility develops innovative products and processes to build a sustainable and profitable biorefining industry in Australia.

Samford Ecological Research Facility

The Samford Ecological Research Facility is a living laboratory for ecological research and educational experiences for researchers, students and visitors.

Research Engineering Facility

The Research Engineering Facility provides cutting-edge research engineering and technology services including drones, aviation, robotics and autonomous systems.


Professor Sagadevan Mundree

Centre Director

Biochemistry and cell biology, agricultural biotechnology, industrial biotechnology.
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Professor Ian O'Hara

Deputy Centre Director

Chemical engineering, industrial biotechnology.

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