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Visualisation and eResearch

Our Visualisation and eResearch (ViseR) team works with QUT researchers and industry and government partners to develop innovative ways of modelling, visualising and interpreting complex information.

What we do

We are a team of specialist programmers, designers and project managers who deliver projects and facilties for QUT, industry and government partners.

Using cutting-edge software platforms, audiovisual and IT facilities, and unique equipment including The Cube, we create prototypes right through to commercially ready products.

We specialise in:

  • high performance computing systems
  • information and interaction design
  • data visualisation
  • large-scale interactive display systems.

We contribute to the strategic planning of advanced visualisation spaces throughout QUT, including The Cube and other spaces in the Science and Engineering Centre. You can take a look at our work on Flickr.

Services for industry and government

We provide consulting and contract research services for industry and goverment, including:

  • consultations and workshops for the development of large-scale interactive display environments in the automotive, situational awareness, asset and facilities management, infrastructure and construction planning, and aged care sectors
  • content development for government
  • development of technology solutions for high resolution data captures in remote locations
  • development of interfaces to heterogeneous sensor networks for use in research and teaching setting.

Working with us

If you're interested in collaborating with the ViseR team or learning more about our capabilities and facilities, contact our Visualisation and eResearch Manager.

Facilities and equipment

The Cube: digital interactive installation

Two-storeys high, The Cube in QUT's Science and Engineering Centre is the world's largest digital interactive installation, incorporating 48 touch screens, 6 large-scale projection screens and 55 speakers, all connected to a high-powered computing cluster.

It was designed, prototyped, developed and built by QUT staff, whose expertise is now being sought globally for a range of business, research and philanthropic collaborations.

Skunkworks: visualisation, simulation and interaction lab

Skunkworks is a visualisation, simulation and interaction research facility in the Science and Engineering Centre. Our Skunkworks lab houses a range of advanced IT systems, including a video wall, multi-touch panels, motion capture, stereo projection and spatialised audio systems.

Skunkworks gives us the interactive visualisation tools to develop new applications and solve problems for business and government partners, and to build our expertise across many disciplines.

Major projects

The Virtual Reef

The Virtual Reef is a life-sized marine ecosystem expanding across the two levels of The Cube in QUT's Science and Engineering Centre. It is an immersive, simulated underwater experience that invites school students and other users to engage with and learn about the Australian Great Barrier Reef's unique ecosystem.

The multi-touch technologies of The Cube allow people to intimately explore and interact with the reef world. The animated behaviours developed for each species were based on thorough research, focusing on the animal's role within the ecosystem.

The Cube Globe

We partnered with the Queensland Government to build The Cube Globe, which presents a vast amount of the state's open datasets and satellite imagery.

This world-first spatial platform uses state-of-the-art immersive visualisation, interactive maps, animation and multimedia design to tell compelling stories about Queensland's performance in key economic sectors.

The Cube Globe was shown to several world leaders during the G20 Leaders' Summit in November 2014, and since then thousands more international, interstate and local visitors to QUT have explored Queensland through The Cube Globe.

Sensing SEC

Working with QUT architecture, engineering and IT experts, we developed a prototype visualisation of the QUT Science and Engineering Centre (SEC). An interactive 3D model of the centre, it includes real-time and historic renders of data from building services, energy management systems and IT infrastructure.

Researchers, students and industry partners can use the dashboards, databases and programming interfaces to develop better building management systems and services. The interactive online platform gives building operators and occupants in-depth information about building performance.

We are continuing to develop the Sensing SEC model and we're able to adapt the model to other buildings for industry partners.


Visualisation and eResearch

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Visualisation and eResearch Manager

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