Samford Ecological Research Facility

Our facility is a living laboratory for research and teaching across ecology, urban planning, agriculture, engineering and more.

About us

This 51-hectare property provides QUT with a unique opportunity to investigate the climate, environment, soil, water, vegetation and wildlife of a peri-urban ecosystem.

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Instructions for using the Samford Ecological Research Facility (SERF) or accessing data from SERF.

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SERF Annual Report

The annual reports for SERF feature important updates and visitations on the property, as well as notable research achievements and discoveries.

2020 SERF Annual Report (PDF, 2.14MB)

2019 SERF Annual Report (PDF, 2.57MB)

2017-2018 SERF Annual Report (PDF, 1.65MB)

2016-2017 SERF Annual Report (PDF, 937KB)

2015-2016 SERF Annual Report (PDF, 4.3MB)


Field station

Accommodation, meeting spaces and permanent ecological monitoring installations sited among 41 hectares of remnant native vegetation.

Environmental data

Open data on SERF ecological factors including soil, air, water and vegetation.

Collaborative research networks

We are part of a range of national and international collaborative research networks to broaden efforts in ecosystem science.


Mr Marcus Yates

Site Technician

Environmental management, restoration

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Our partners

Aust Acoustic Observatory

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Samford Ecological Research Facility

148 Camp Mountain Road
Samford QLD 4520 Australia

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Samford Ecological Research Facility
148 Camp Mountain Road
Samford QLD 4520 Australia