Research Engineering Facility

We provide cutting-edge research engineering and technology services including drones and aviation, energy systems, civil and structural engineering, and robotics and autonomous systems.

About us

The QUT Research Engineering Facility hosts state-of-the-art infrastructure assets and expertise to support cross-organisational research, engineering and technologies.

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Accessing services and equipment

Instructions for booking our equipment or contracting our services.

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We provide consulting and contract development services for academic, industry and government clients in a range of areas. Backed by the Institute for Future Environments, we manage a range of cutting-edge equipment and collaborate with award-winning researchers who are experts in their fields.

Drones and aviation

Our CASA-certified drone and aviation capabilities support and enable a diverse range of QUT and industry research projects.

Robotics and autonomous systems

We design, build, operate and support a wide variety of robotics and autonomous systems to enable real-world research outcomes for QUT and our partners.

Energy systems

Our team provides development, fabrication and testing services in energy production and storage, electrical engineering, battery development and superconductivity technologies.

Design and systems integration

Our team designs and produces custom solutions for niche applications, data acquisition and sensor integration across a variety of platforms.

Structural engineering and testing

Our Banyo Pilot Plant provides a scientific and industrial lab for heavy mechanical and structural testing, including high temperature and flame conditioning.

Data acquisition and management

Our team supports a diverse range of QUT, government and industry research projects by providing aerial and structural data acquisition services.


We have access to a range of infrastructure and equipment to support research, teaching and learning and enable real-world results. Our expertise encompasses the latest in digital technologies, to industrial engineering and scientific analysis.

Banyo Pilot Plant Precinct

A general-purpose facility for large-scale research in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, scientific applications, and pilot-scale testing and validation.

Da Vinci Precinct

Based at Brisbane Airport, our award-winning Da Vinci facility is purpose built for researchers engaging in aerospace automation activities, giving them the ability to translate concepts from paper to flight-tested reality.


Research Engineering Facility Manager

Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Research Engineering Facility 

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