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The QUT Digital Observatory provides state-of-the-art infrastructure for tracking, collecting, and analysing digital media data. Our ability to manage large sets of continuous and dynamic digital data enables innovative digital media and society research with applications across a range of fields.

The unprecedented use of digital platforms and technologies, coupled with the emergence and growth of ‘big social data’ on digital media consumption and communication, have enabled groundbreaking new research approaches that support the unobtrusive observation of large-scale, population-wide activity patterns in society – often in close to real time. For example, this form of research allows observation of the changing topics in public debate, shifting preferences in cultural consumption, and the rise and fall of particular technologies and platforms.

Our capabilities

We can provide connection to established researchers experienced in social media data analytics and big data support. Our specialist infrastructure allows on-demand data gathering for Twitter and Facebook, and other live and dynamic digital datasets, and access to our analytical software collection.

The Digital Observatory provides researchers with access to the following dataset:

Australian Twitter Collection

A collection of tweets from all identified Australian accounts, collected since 2006. This dataset incorporates:

  • 3.7 million Australian Twitter accounts, with 2.4+ billion tweets captured to date
  • 1+ million new tweets per day, from 140,000 daily active users
  • a comprehensive map of follower/followee network structure and community clusters.

Other projects

Australian Twitter News Index Comprehensive collection of all global tweets sharing news from Australian news sites
Digital Media Observatory Longitudinal, comparative dataset on the availability of digital media content in Australia and the US
Australian Music Observatory Longitudinal datasets on Australian music consumption patterns across a number of formats

Working with us

If you're interested in collaborating with the Digital Observatory team, or in learning more about our capabilities and facilities, please contact our Digital Observatory Manager.


Digital Observatory

Marissa Takahashi, Manager
  • Level 8, P Block
    Gardens Point Campus
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