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The Central Analytical Research Facility will have a close-down period at the end of 2020, commencing 5:00 pm on Thursday 17th December through to 9:00 am on Tuesday 12th January 2021.
For further information about the close-down period please contact the facility via

The Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF) offers services to QUT staff and students, external researchers and commercial organisations, ranging from basic technical support to commercial research.

Specialist staff are available to carry out analyses, or we can train you to use the instruments to do your own work.

For internal use, please go to booking information for QUT staff and students (login required).

Option 1: CARF to perform my analyses

Step 1: Contact us to discuss your project

Email CARF to provide information about your project including:

  • the research or commercial problem you are trying to solve
  • the type of information you need
  • time frame
  • whether you need results interpreted
  • the preferred format for your results.
Step 2: Review our proposal

Once we've discussed your project, we'll send you a proposal outlining the:

  • feasibility of your project
  • best way to obtain the data you need
  • time frame
  • costs.
Step 3: Sign a formal agreement

If you're satisfied with our proposal, we'll send you a formal quote outlining:

  • your requirements
  • the services we will deliver
  • the cost of our services.
Step 4: Check your results

Once the work is completed, we'll send you the results and any reports or interpretation you've requested.

Check your results and contact us if you have any questions. QUT Finance will send you an invoice for the agreed amount.

Option 2: Perform my own analyses with CARF equipment

Step 1: Contact us

Email CARF with:

  • your contact details
  • the CARF labs you wish to use (if known)
  • a brief description of your project (less than 100 words).

CARF staff will then contact you to arrange a kick-off meeting with you.

Step 2: Prepare

Before the meeting, you’ll need to complete:

Use Adobe Reader or Acrobat to complete the forms and email them to CARF. We also recommend you review CARF's pricing before your meeting.

Step 3: Attend the kick-off meeting

At the kick-off meeting, you can discuss your project with CARF’s expert staff and other relevant people who will provide:

  • advice on the best tools and techniques for your project
  • information on activities that incur fees
  • quotes for services.

Together, you'll agree on the scope of work you'll be doing at CARF.

Step 4: Complete online training and register for orientation

After your meeting, you'll need to complete three core online training modules:

  • General Evacuation
  • HSE Induction
  • Lab Safety Awareness.

You'll also need to register to attend a CARF online orientation session (login required).

Step 5: Attend an orientation session and book instrument training

You will be invited to attend a CARF orientation session, which provides an overview of CARF, lab safety information and a tour of the main labs. After you’ve completed the CARF orientation session, you’ll receive swipe card access to the relevant CARF labs and will be able to book instrument training and start working at CARF.

Contact us

Central Analytical Research Facility

Level 6, P Block
Gardens Point
2 George St
Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

Postal address

Central Analytical Research Facility
GPO Box 2434
Brisbane QLD 4001

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