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Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF)

About CARF

The Central Analytical Research Facility hosts state-of-the-art facilities to support multidisciplinary research.

Accessing services and equipment

Instructions for booking our equipment or contracting our services.

Analytical laboratory

We have equipment to chemically analyse a wide range of gas, liquid and solid samples.

Genomics laboratory

We focus on the study of genes and their functions, including genome and DNA analysis.

Optical and electron microscopy laboratory

Our cutting-edge equipment that allows for optical microscopy, electron microscopy and specimen preparation.

Physical and mechanical properties laboratory

We analyse the physical and mechanical properties of any item, including size, porosity, surface are and thermal qualities.

Proteomics and small molecule mass spectrometry laboratory

We provide complete analysis of proteins, lipids, metabolites, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and volatile organic compounds.

Surface science laboratory

This laboratory focuses on how materials interact with their environment from an atomic and atomistic perspective.

X-ray and particles laboratory

Our x-ray and particles laboratory provides x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, neutron diffraction and sample preparation.

Geological sample preparation facility

We have specialist expertise in geological sample preparation and analysis, and equipment for rock cutting and crushing, core logging, thin sections and soil analysis.

Metallurgical failure analysis facility

We conduct in-depth failure analysis to identify why and how metal components have failed and the corrective actions needed.

Vibrational spectroscopy laboratory

We can provide chemical information on a wide range materials using our routine and advanced infrared (FT-IR) and Raman spectrometers, microscopes and accessories.


Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF)

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