Biorefining Research Facility

We develop innovative products and processes to build a sustainable and profitable biorefining industry in Australia.

About us

The Biorefining Research Facility hosts state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise to support bioproduct research, development and production.

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Accessing services and equipment

Instructions for booking our equipment or contracting our services.

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We develop products and processes for research, industry and government partners in the biorefining sector. Backed by the Institute for Future Environments, we manage a range of high-quality equipment and instruments and collaborate with award-winning researchers who are experts in their fields.

Biology and fermentation

We create end-to-end fermentation processes from strain development through to fermentation optimisation and scale-up.

Materials preparation

We have a range of laboratory and pilot scale materials processing equipment to modify industrial materials to suit your bioprocessing needs.

Materials pre-treatment

Our pilot plant facility operates large-scale steam explosion and chemical extraction equipment.

Scale-up processing and economics

We enable the scale-up of technologies from laboratory to pilot scale while assessing and providing feedback to technologists on aspects of process economics.

Chemical transformation and extraction

We possess hydrothermal biomass liquefaction and commercial-scale pyrolysis equipment and processes.

Separation technologies

Our equipment and expertise in separation technologies, including supercritical fluid extraction and antisolvent fractionation, enables a wide range of bioprocessing outcomes.


We have access to a range of infrastructure and equipment across QUT locations to support biorefining research, teaching and learning and enable real-world results for our partners.

Fermentation and Bioprocessing Laboratory

The Fermentation and Bioprocessing Laboratory supports researchers, students and project partners with equipment and expertise in fermentation and synthetic biology.

Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant

The Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant enables research and development in industrial biotechnology and biomass processing, technologies and practices.

Banyo Pilot Plant

The Banyo Pilot Plant enables scaled-up research in traditional engineering, industrial biotechnology and scientific applications, testing and validation.


Dr Jo-Anne Blinco

Biorefining Research Facility Manager

Electrical and electronic engineering

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Dr Mike O'Shea

Biorefining Research Leader

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Biorefining Research Facility

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