Institute for Future


Banyo Pilot Plant

A general-purpose facility for large-scale research in traditional engineering (structural, mechanical and electrical), scientific applications, and product testing and validation.

Central Analytical Research Facility

Electron microscopy, light microscopy, X-ray analysis, analytical chemistry, particle analysis, physical and mechanical properties, environmental analysis, proteomics and genomics.

Da Vinci Precinct

Based at Brisbane Airport, our award-winning Da Vinci facility is purpose built for researchers engaging in aerospace automation activities, giving them the ability to translate concepts from paper to flight-tested reality.

Digital Observatory

A facility providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for tracking, collecting, and analysing continuous and dynamic digital media data.

Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant

The plant converts biomass into renewable transport fuels, green chemicals and other bioproducts. With industry partners we develop new industrial processes and commercial products using biomass feedstocks.

Research Engineering Facility (REF)

Provides cross-organisational research engineering services such as design, systems integration, data collection and data management and processing.

Samford Ecological Research Facility

A base for research and education on the impact of urban development on ecosystems, located on a 51-hectare property in the Samford Valley.

Visualisation and eResearch

We use cutting-edge software platforms, audiovisual and IT facilities, and unique equipment like The Cube to develop innovative ways of modelling, visualising and interpreting complex information.


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