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QUT Science in Focus Competition

Each year the Institute for Future Environments hosts the QUT Science in Focus Competition - a celebration of the brilliant, beautiful and surprising nature of QUT #research. Staff and students from across QUT submit images that demonstrate the art of science and how QUT research is making real-world impacts.

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Mafic Jewels

by Joseph Austin

2019 QUT Science in Focus entrant

This is a microscopic image of a sub-volcanic igneous rock revealing a mosaic of actinolite, sericite and chlorite.

The Floating Bone

by Amanda Cavalcanti

2019 QUT Science in Focus People's Choice winner

This is a cross-section of bone stained with a special solution to help researchers identify different types of bone tissue.

Checking Under the Hood

by Eamonn McKenna

2019 QUT Science in Focus entrant

This image shows the internal structure of a nano-sized cell scaffold, a biodegradable engineered material that helps wounds heal by giving cells a safe place to grow.

Salty Fibre

by Tara Shabab

2019 QUT Science in Focus entrant

This fibre is part of an engineered nano-structure called a cell scaffold. Scaffolds can be implanted in the human body for tissue engineering or drug delivery applications.

David and Goliath

by Annalena Wolff

2018 QUT Science in Focus entrant

This false colour HIM micrograph shows bacteria, coloured red, entering the leaf of a plant through 'stomata', the holes that plants use to breathe through.

Coral Polyp

by Brett Maxwell-Lewis

2015 QUT Science in Focus entrant

This photomicrograph shows a juvenile coral polyp of a solitary Fungia coral taken live in an aquarium.

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