IFE Annual Report brings research to life

14th May 2019

IFE has broken new ground with its 2018 Annual Report, using augmented reality technology to bring the front cover to life and highlight coral reef research.

The augmented reality cover showcases research by QUT’s Dr Luke Nothdurft and Brett Lewis, and was created using time-lapse photography and microscopy to show how coral tissues adapt to climate-related stress.

Augmented reality is an interactive experience adding layers of digital information such as videos, graphics and sound to our view of the real world.

The coral image on the annual report’s cover comes startlingly to life when viewed through the free IFEXperience smartphone app, which was developed by IFE’s Visualisation and e-Research (ViseR) team. Other images throughout the report have also been given the augmented reality treatment.

The 2018 IFE Annual Report summarises the successes of IFE’s research and innovation portfolio throughout 2018. These include the securing of several major new initiatives, such as the H2Xport hydrogen production project, the National Tree Genomics Program and two Smart Farming Partnerships through the Australian Government’s Landcare scheme.

The report also highlights the operations and accomplishments of IFE’s research infrastructure and facilities, including a successful ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant of $2.7 million for an Atomic Scale Transmission Electronic Microscope.

The 2018 IFE Annual Report is available from the IFE website. To view the augmented reality images, download the IFEXperience app from either the Google Play or Apple iTunes app stores, depending on your phone’s operating system. This short video shows you how to use the IFEXperience app to access the augmented reality features.  

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