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13th May 2019

How can we feed the world's skyrocketing population? There will be 9.5 billion people living in the world by 2050 - an increase of more than 2 billion over the next 30 years. Food production will need to double from current levels to meet this demand.

QUT's Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities (CTCB) is working with food producers to develop essential crops that can thrive in drought, resist disease, and deliver much-needed nutrition to people all over the world.

CTCB Director, Professor Sagadevan Mundree said more than one billion people already suffer from malnutrition due to food scarcity and unequal access to food.

“This statistic will worsen further as the world’s population increases.

“Droughts and floods powered by climate change are hammering the most productive food-growing regions and threaten the continued viability of staple food plants.

“The pressure is on to find ways to ensure farmers can sustainably produce more food on less land.”


CTCB has already boosted pro-vitamin A in bananas, to reduce blindness and brain impairment in Africa caused by malnutrition.

“We are also working on chickpeas, one of Australia’s top export crops and a source of nutrition to millions of people around the world.

“Our research is developing chickpeas that can thrive in drought, resist disease and deliver much-needed micro-nutrients to people across the world,” Professor Mundree said.    

How can you help this important work to continue?

Your gift to this vital research on QUT Giving Day will help to:

  • fast-track research to protect vital food crops such as chickpeas and other tropical pulses from pests and drought, and to boost their nutrition
  • improve food security and nutrition for people in Australia and around the world
  • reduce the incident of diseases that result from malnutrition
  • support postgraduate students to undertake their studies at QUT to advance this research

Give to QUT research that will help feed the world:

Help us unlock a challenge gift: Our research partner, Elo Life Systems, has agreed to donate $5000 to the cause when just 30 people donate any amount on QUT Giving Day.

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