Above and beyond: Inaugural research centre awards

21st December 2020

Ecological impact, creating value from waste and robotic bins were among projects presented inaugural awards by QUT’s Centre for the Environment and Centre for a Waste-Free World.

The successful recipients were:

Centre for the Environment awards

  • Student research publication excellence: Mardi McNeil
  • Research publication excellence - early career researcher: Dr Helen Mayfield
  • Environmental research excellence: Dr Angela Dean
  • Environmental impact excellence: Dr Andrew Baker
  • Outreach and engagement excellence: Dr Bek Christensen, Dr Sara Omrani, Cailan Jeynes-Smith
  • Centre Director thank you award: Jon Hu, Simon Cashion, Therese Ferlin
  • Role model for academic altruism: Dr Kate Helmstedt

Centre for a Waste-Free World awards

  • Project with best research outcome winner: Empowering waste: Textile waste to sustainable dual carbon potassium-ion capacitor led by Deepak Dubal. Project team included Hong Duc Pham, Joseph Fernando, Michael Horn, Jennifer MacLeod, Nunzio Motta, William Doherty, Alice Payne, Ashok Kumar Nanjundan and Dmitri Golberg.
  • Project with best research outcome runner-up: Making masks from waste led by Tom Rainey with Thuy Chu Van.
  • Project with best research idea (joint winner): Waste management issues in ATSI communities led by Dr Angela Dean with Paul Perovic.
  • Project with best research idea (joint winner): A decentralised approach to auto-sorting of recyclable waste by use of smart bins led by Ajay Pandey. Team included Sabari Chander Muthiah Ravichandhran, Shahnewaz Ali, Tasnuva Hamid, Frederic Maire, Soniya Yambem, Manuela Taboada and Leonie Barner.

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