Future not so bright unless climate change and environment prioritised, UN75 survey finds

21st December 2020

QUT respondents to the United Nations’ UN75 one-minute survey believe climate change, the environment and sustainability are the key issues facing the global community, with most feeling that people will be worse off in 25 years’ time than they are today.

The online survey is one of a suite of collaboration activities arranged by the UN to celebrate the organisation’s 75th anniversary in 2020. With the theme of ‘Shaping our future together’, the UN has used these activities to encourage individuals and communities to share ideas on collective action to tackle global challenges.

Respondents believed that tackling climate change with greater urgency was the most important thing for the international community to address in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Universal access to healthcare, safe water and sanitation, and rethinking the global economy were considered to be the next most important priorities.

Looking ahead to the world of 2045 (the 100th anniversary of the UN) respondents said they would most like to see more sustainable production and consumption, more environmental protection and greater respect for human rights.

Climate change and environmental issues were overwhelmingly believed to be the global trends that would most affect humanity’s future, followed by forced migration and displacement, armed conflict and political violence and breakdowns in relations between countries.

Respondents said it was essential that nations worked together to manage these trends, while believing that the COVID-19 pandemic had led to more cooperation between countries.




Unfortunately, QUT respondents were rather pessimistic in their view of the future, with almost two-thirds (59.7 per cent) believing that people will be worse off in 2045 than they are today.

The UN75 survey is still open. To have your say, visit https://un75.online/partner/QUT-Real-World

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