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12 December 2019

How can we help farmers grow more food using less resources? How do we make our agricultural systems more resistant to climate change? Can agricultural waste be processed into valuable, renewable products? These are some of the research questions being investigated by IFE’s new Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy (CAB).

The first centre of its type in Australia, CAB will connect QUT’s expertise in agriculture and bioeconomy research to deliver more profitable, sustainable and resilient agricultural systems here and around the world. CAB brings together researchers from IFE’s former Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities and several IFE themes and platforms; including Growing the Global Bioeconomy, Managing for Resilient Landscapes and Intellisensing.

Professor Sagadevan Mundree will lead CAB as Centre Director and Professor Ian O’Hara has been appointed as Deputy Director. Professor Mundree said that CAB will create an inclusive, transdisciplinary and partnership-focused group with the capacity to deliver real world solutions for our community and our planet.

“Our purpose is to undertake research and development that is highly innovative and dynamic, traversing discipline boundaries. CAB will actively collaborate with research partners to generate new knowledge and deliver valuable outcomes and impacts,” Professor Mundree said.

The new centre opened with eight research programs:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Banana biotechnology
  • Crop genomics
  • Microbial systems
  • Industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology
  • Bioprocessing technologies
  • Agrifood systems
  • Future leaders

CAB will directly contribute to solutions for Australia’s national science and research priorities including:

  • optimising food and fibre production and minimising waste
  • maintaining Australia’s strategic assets in soil, vegetation, biodiversity and water
  • low emission technologies for transport
  • building Australia's competitiveness in specialised, high value-add manufacturing areas such as high-performance materials, composites, and polymers.

CAB is one of nine new centres recently announced by QUT.

Dr My Linh Hoang and Professor Sagadevan Mundree


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