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Bushfire experts converge for forum at QUT – 31 January

28-01-2020 Is it possible to create a truly bushfire-resistant house? What’s the best way to donate to bushfires? How can you tell fact from fake news in this era of Twitter bots? How can we improve communication to save lives and property?

Smart camera trial to guide future of waterways city

24-01-2020 Gold Coast Waterways Authority engages QUT to develop innovative solutions for waterways planning, management and safety.

The Living Reef: The Cube’s new 3D marine ecosystem

10-01-2020 If you can’t get to the Great Barrier Reef, then the new interactive reef exhibition on the giant screens of The Cube at QUT offers the next best thing.

CAB sowing the seeds of sustainable, innovative agriculture

12-12-2019 How can we help farmers grow more food using less resources? How do we make our agricultural systems more resistant to climate change? Can agricultural waste be processed into valuable, renewable products? These are some of the research questions being investigated by IFE’s new Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy (CAB).

Virtual reality and drones help to predict and protect koala habitat

12-12-2019 QUT researchers have used a combination of virtual reality (VR), aerial thermal-imaging and ground surveys to build a better statistical model for predicting the location of koalas and, ultimately, protecting their habitat.

Every second counts for new UAV research

12-12-2019 A QUT research project is working to improve the capacity of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to autonomously communicate and navigate in time-critical and complex search and rescue missions, including inside collapsed buildings or underground mines.

Top 10 IFE stories of 2019

09-12-2019 There have been a number of exceptional research progress and outcomes for the IFE and our partners, across research, government and industry this year. Through dedication, connection and drive our teams and infrastructure have been a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and collaboration, bringing together the brightest minds to deliver real world impact. 

Artists reveal ‘life-changing’ climate change digital artwork

06-12-2019 Tasmanian artists Jerome Dobinson and Amanda Kay’s new artwork, commissioned by QUT and featuring the earth’s glacial history, has been a 'life-changing' journey that became very much a family affair.

Innovative heating & cooling products tested in living labs

06-12-2019 Queensland Children’s Hospital will become one of two Queensland-based ‘living labs’ where emerging or early commercial technologies that enhance a building’s energy efficiency and enable renewable energy solutions to be researched in a live setting.

Microalgae yields biofuel & high-value by-products

05-12-2019 Microalgae produces more organic matter for each square metre of land used than any other ‘crop’ or tree. It is abundant and cheap organic matter that could provide new biofuels and basic ingredients for everyday products, using low-energy processes that reduce reliance on fossil fuels.


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