IFE Grand Challenge Public Lecture Series @ Gardens Point

1st January 2020

Several grand challenges confront humanity in the 21st century, from feeding the world's booming population to managing scarce natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint. The Grand Challenge Lecture Series explores these and other challenges and the possible solutions to them. All lectures are free and open to the public. You can attend in person or watch via livestream.

Past 2020 lectures

27 November
Webinar: Grand Challenge Future Forum: Where do we want to be in 2045?
Senator the Hon Penny Wong, The Hon Brett Mason, Professor Jean Burgess, Professor Hilary Bambrick, and Dr John Byron (Moderator)

Friday 16 October
Webinar: The assault on journalism and why it matters
Professor Peter Greste (UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication, University of Queensland) - available as video

Friday 1 May
Webinar: Challenges and opportunities on the path to a sustainable Queensland
Professor Paul Bertsch (Interim Queensland Chief Scientist) - available as video or podcast

Friday 31 January
Clearing the air: making sense of Australia's bushfire crisis
QUT academic panel discussion, including Professor Vivienne Tippett, Associate Professor Amisha Mehta, Associate Professor Dominique Greer, Dr Ian Weir, Dr Timothy Graham, Associate Professor Wendy Scaife, and special guest speakers Dr Richard Thornton, and Major-General Richard Wilson - available as video

Past 2019 lectures

Friday 25 October
Moving beyond practical reconciliation in higher education
Ms Angela Barney-Leitch (QUT Pro Vice-Chancellor - Indigenous Strategy) - available as a podcast

Friday 6 September
Australia's STEM Future
Lisa Harvey-Smith (Aust Women in STEM Ambassador) - available as a podcast

Friday 23 August
Contemplating a renewable hydrogen energy future
Professor Masakazu Sugiyama (University of Tokyo) - available as a podcast

Friday 9 August
Energising the living fabric of your body
Drew Berry (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research) - available as video

Friday 26 July
Towards 2020: driving urgent action to limit the effects of climate change
Andrew Higham (CEO, Mission 2020) - available as a podcast

Friday 3 May
The global imperative
Leanne Kemp (Qld Chief Entrepreneur) - available as a podcast

Friday 12 April
Our planet, our health
Professor Kate Jones (Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, University College London) - available as a podcast

Friday 15 March
Your AI Future
Professor Toby Walsh (University of NSW / Data 61 / TU Berlin) - available as a podcast

Friday 1 March
Agents of change: the economy of algorithms
Marek Kowalkiewicz (Professor and Chair in Digital Economy, and Leader of IFE's Embracing the Digital Age research theme) - available as a podcast and video

Past 2018 lectures

Thursday 1 November
Harvesting passion: From identifying a problem to finding a solution
Ronni Kahn (CEO and Founder, OzHarvest) - available as a podcast and video

Friday 19 October
Food is about health care, medicine is about sick care: the importance of plants in our diet
Professor Cathie Martin MBE FRS (Plant Biologist, John Innes Centre, UK) - available as a podcast

Friday 21 September
Engineering a revolution: from impossible complexity to transformed lives
Hon Trish White (National President and Board Chair, Engineers Australia) - available as a podcast

Friday 10 August
Great Barrier Reef Challenge Lecture: Working together to secure the future of our national icon - available as a podcast and video
A special QUT Grand Challenge Lecture with muliple speakers, facilitated by Robyn Williams from ABC’s The Science Show.

Friday 27 July
The 21st Century transport challenge - available as a podcast and video
Hugh Bradlow (President, Academy of Technology and Engineering)

Friday 1 June
Domino’s Journey… Where to from here?
Don Meij (CEO, Domino's Pizza Enterprises)

Friday 25 May
Backing Australia's Research Ecosystem - available as a podcast and video
Professor Margaret Sheil (Vice-Chancellor, QUT)

Friday 4 May
Provoking Intergenerational Change - Empowering a Generation to Close Their Own Gap - available as a podcast and video
Wayne Denning (Managing Director, Carbon Creative)

Friday 6 April
Innovation must become the core of national priority settings - available as a podcast and video
Bill Ferris AC (Chair, Innovation and Science Australia) 

Friday 23 February
Next Generation Nanomaterials for Therapy and Diagnostics - available as a podcast
Professor Tanja Weil (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany) 

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