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01 September 2015

The IFE hosts a number of public events that aim to showcase science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) research and explore some of the major challenges of the 21st century.

Watch videos of past IFE lectures, including the Grand Challenge Lecture series, on QUT's YouTube account, the QUTube:


Universities post peak public funding
Professor Peter Coaldrake (QUT) - 11 August 2017


Australia's Most Innovative Enterprises
Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham (QUT) - 21 October 2016


The Unwelcome Crows: Hospitality in the Anthropocene
Thom Van Dooren (University of New South Wales) - 11 September 2015

Planetary Saviours or Harbingers of Death? The Ecological Role of Bats
Stuart Parsons (QUT) - 28 August 2015

Future Shapers Forum: Short Talks by Rising Stars of QUT Research - 25 September 2015:

Making Sparks Fly: How Digital Technologies are Disrupting the Electricity Sector
Professor Robert Perrons and Mr David Ferguson - 3 June 2015

Learning by Doing: How Computer Games Can Enhance Education and Training
Jonathan Marshall (Founder, Bondi Labs) - 22 May 2015

Balancing the Water Needs of Humans Nature
Prof Stuart Bunn (Director, Australian Rivers Institute) - 1 May 2015

Turning Up the Heat on Our Soil and Water Resources
Prof Peter Grace (QUT) - 17 April 2015

The Man Without a Face: Science, Power and Democracy
David Ritter (CEO, Greenpeace Australia Pacific) - 27 March 2015

How Technology is Transforming the Research Landscape and What it Means for QUT
Professor Arun Sharma (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research & Commercialisation, QUT) - 6 March 2015


Robots to the Rescue: The Unmanned Airborne Vehicle Challenge
Professor Jonathan Roberts (QUT) - 24 October 2014

Innovation Systems: How to Develop a Digital Mind
Professor Michael Rosemann (QUT) - 26 September 2014

Future Crops: The Challenge to Feed the Next Generation
Professor Sagadevan Mundree (QUT) - 15 August 2014

Rapid Evolution in Introduced Species
Professor Angela Moles (UNSW) - 29 August 2014

Biofabrication: The Future of Regenerative Medicine?
Associate Professor Mia Woodruff (QUT) - 15 August 2014

Air Quality Reports on our Mobiles: Do We Care?
Professor Lidia Morawska (QUT) - 6 June 2014

Environmental Management in the Anthropocene
Professor David Schlosberg (University of Sydney) - 30 May 2014

Science and a Rational Worldview: Humanity's Salvation?
Dr Paul Willis (RiAus) - 9 May 2014

The Energy Transition and the Key Role of Plastics
Professor Reinhold Lang (Johannes Kepler University of Linz) - 11 April 2014

Our Global Future: A New Direction or Business as Usual?
Professor Ian Mackinnon (QUT) - 28 March 2014

The Spatial Information Revolution: An Insider's Guide
Dr Tim Foresman (SIBA Chair for Spatial Information, QUT) - 2 March 2014


Building the Resilience of the Earth's Ecosystems
Professor Terry Hughes (James Cook University) - 25 October 2013

Re-engaging School Students: The STEM Imperative
Professor Simon Kaplan (NICTA) - 27 September 2013

The Energy Crisis: Developing New Materials for Sustainable Energy Technologies
Professor Federico Rosei (University of Quebec) - 13 September 2013

Towards Personalised Medicine: What Can Maths Do for You?
Professor Kevin Burrage (QUT and University of Oxford) - 16 August 2013

The World is Getting Hungrier: How Should We Respond?
Distinguished Professor James Dale (QUT) - 2 August 2013

Smart Cities and Communities: Addressing the EU's 2020 Climate Goals
Adjunct Professor Lutz Heuser (Urban Software Institute & QUT) - 19 July 2013

Designing the Future: Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure
Professor Arto Kiviniemi (University of Salford) - 10 May 2013

Intelligent Machines and the Future of Work
Professor Peter Corke (QUT) - 22 March 2013

Controls on the Global Energy Mix of the 21st Century
Professor Peter McCabe (QUT) - 8 March 2013


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