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09 June 2017

Hear from Australia’s leading polymer and soft matter materials scientists who will present highlights of their current research. This symposium is supported by the QUT School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical EngineeringInstitute for Future Environments manufacturing with advanced materials enabling platform and the Soft Matter Materials Laboratory.

The symposium will be opened by QUT Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Coaldrake and will feature a range of experts in the field including:

  • Christopher Barner-Kowollik, QUT
  • Graeme Moad, CSIRO: Elements of RAFT Navigation
  • Tom Davis, Monash University: Polymers at the Bio- / Nanointerface
  • Luke Connal, University of Melbourne: Dynamic Covalent Chemistry as a Tool in Polymer Chemistry
  • Martina Stenzel, UNSW: Understanding the Relationship between Drugs and Polymers
  • Markus Müllner, University of Sydney: Modular Polymer Particles for Hybrid Materials and Nanomedicines
  • Cyrille Boyer, UNSW: Photoredox Catalysts For Polymer Synthesis
  • Nicolas Voelcker, Monash University: Porous Silicon Nanomedicine can Pack a Punch
  • Andrew Whittaker, University of Queensland: Interactions with Biology: Fluorine MRI Agents for Understanding Biology and Cell Fate
  • Michelle Coote, ANU: Stereocontrolled Radical Polymerisation: Are we there yet?
  • Per Zetterlund, UNSW: Heterogeneous Polymerization Approaches towards Polymer/Graphene-based Nanoparticles of various Morphologies
  • Frank Caruso, University of Melbourne: Challenges for Particles in Bionanoscience and Beyond
  • Michael Monteiro, University of Queensland: Next Generation Polymer Nanostructures
  • Greg Qiao, University of Melbourne: Building New Polymeric Platform Technologies
  • Alan Rowan, University of Melbourne: Biomimetic Materials ‘Controlling the Nonlinear Mechanics’.
09 June 2017 - 09 June 2017
Level 12, S Block, QUT Gardens Point
Owen J Wordsworth Room
Institute for Future Environments
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