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Provide students with work placements

QUT partners with industry and the community to provide our students with credit and not-for-credit work opportunities.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Our WIL program (credit-bearing) combines professional work experiences with classroom studies in many forms. It gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge, and develop skills and understanding in a real-world environment.

Students bring a fresh perspective, new skills and innovative approaches to your workplace, while giving you the chance to promote your organisation and profile future graduates.

Real World Placement Program

The Real World Placement Program (RWPP) is a new initiative of QUT, channelling our most motivated students into the best not-for-credit placement opportunities. RWPP prepares students from a wide range of disciplines to engage in work experience and volunteering placements with workplace readiness training and an ambition to contribute meaningfully to your organisation.


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