About the IDTC


What is the IDTC (Mathematics and Statistics)?

The QUT Australian Technology Network Industry Doctoral Training Centre (Mathematics and Statistics) (IDTC), in collaboration with major business and industry organisations, offers an innovative Doctoral Program.

This novel approach to research training is an Australian first and will be delivered through five Australian universities.

How is it different?

The goal of the IDTC is to increase the national research base in Mathematical Sciences — an area acknowledged by industry suffering from a skills shortage.

The program's unique features: 

  • The research will originate from industry not academia.
  • The student may be a present employee of the company - identified for upgrading of technical and managerial skills.
  • The company will own all intellectual property generated by the research.
  • The program will contain a considerable coursework and seminar presentation components designed to foster and network the student cohort in addition to skills training.
  • The student will spend a significant amount of time working at the company site of the industry partner.

Benefits for students

On completion of the program students will:

  • be part of a new generation of highly employable researchers 
  • have expertise in a wide range of leadership and management skills
  • be ready for careers in academe or industry.
Studying at the IDTC

In the United Kingdom, Doctoral Training Centres are described as delivering the MBAs of the future.

Benefits for industry partners

Our partners form a collaborative partnership with a highly motivated and skilled PhD student or students, with skills in mathematical sciences, ready to address your business challenge in research.

PhD students are specifically chosen for their focus on industry-related research projects and future industry-based employment.

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